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One Punch Man 2nd Season Officially Confirmed + Mobile Game Coming Soon

2017 2nd season coming soon confirmed mobile game one punch man opm

One Punch Man 2nd Season Officially Confirmed + Mobile Game Coming Soon


One Punch Man Season 2 was announced today at the One Punch Man Autumn Festival event. There is no date yet. There is also a mobile game which is coming out next year (2017)

「速報」ワンパンマン第2シーズン放送決定!! そして、来年の2017年 スマートフォン向けのワンパンマン発売決定!! 夜の部でも、発表しますがお先にネタバレ!! #拡散希望 #ワンパンマン

— ブラック@10/1:ポケセン&聲の形 (@g008c1088) September 25, 2016

— せぐうぇいX号 (@seguwei999) September 25, 2016

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  1. Anonymous September 25, 2016


  2. Otakore Literantadodist September 25, 2016

    Very informative article and yet, so ultra less.

  3. Kazuma kun September 25, 2016

    Thanks! Unlike other articles i try to write short and get straight to the point with details!

  4. Anonymous September 25, 2016

    what kind of game can creat from a ONE-HIT KO hero?

  5. Oliver Garcia September 25, 2016

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Anonymous September 25, 2016

    Game of sales

  7. Anonymous September 26, 2016

    One where you have to play as poorly as possible to avoid killing your opponent in one punch. The longer you last without killing the opponent or getting killed, the more points you get.

    That would be rad.

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