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There’s new key visual for “Netsuzou TRap” series!

Anime Corner Author

“Netsuzou TRap” (or NTR in short) is one of the two yuri series that are said to come out this year (second one being “Citrus”) and we are lucky enough to be given a new key visual!

For those of you who don’t know what “Netsuzou TRap” is i’ll leave you with a little lecture!

Yuma and Hotaru have been friends since childhood, so it’s only natural that when Yuma is nervous about her new boyfriend, she asks Hotaru for advice. But when Hotaru starts coming onto Yuma for what feels like more than just ‘practice’, what does it mean…? With boyfriends in the foreground but a secret, passionate tryst in the background, will Yuma and Hotaru try to forget what happened between them or have they fallen into a trap of true love and betrayal?
In short, this will be yuri romance series with NTR (netorare) element being the main topic.
And finally here is the new key visual!

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