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Main Voice Cast for TV Anime “Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni…” and Key Visual Revealed

key visual premiere Souryo to Majiwaru voice cast

Main Voice Cast for TV Anime “Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni…” and Key Visual Revealed

Key visual of “Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni…” and it’s main voice cast including Maika Hara (as the main heroine Mio Fukaya) has been announced on the official website for upcoming TV adaptation of Leon Maomi’s love story web manga.
Maika Hara has worked mainly for adult PC games and its anime adaptations, so this will be her first major role in anime series for all ages. It will be 12-episode five-minute series which is set to premiere on Tokyo MX on April 2.

Key visual
公式WEBサイトもあわせてオープンいたしました!https://t.co/164dRvZRV6#アニメ僧侶 pic.twitter.com/9YTBfVgDcM

— アニメ「僧侶と交わる色欲の夜に…」公式 (@souryo_anime) 7 marca 2017

The web manga has been available on various digital manga platforms, such as ComieFesta, Mecha Comics, Comic Cmoe, and Renta!, and currently three tankobon volumes have been released from Seiunsha. The story centers on an university student Mio Fukaya. She has a reunion with her first love in her junior high days, Takahide Kujo. He has inherited his parents’ temple and became a priest. After drinking too much and spending a night with him, Mio is unexpectedly introduced to his family as his fiancée.

Main Voice Cast

Mio Fukaya: Maika Hara

TVアニメ「僧侶と交わる色欲の夜に…」キャラデザ公開、続いてはヒロイン美桜です! #アニメ僧侶 pic.twitter.com/WltWSeFszp

— アニメ「僧侶と交わる色欲の夜に…」公式 (@souryo_anime) 7 marca 2017

Takahide Kujo: Yo Suzushiro

TVアニメ「僧侶と交わる色欲の夜に…」九条くんのキャラデザをちょっとだけお披露目! #アニメ僧侶 pic.twitter.com/4waUORASX1

— アニメ「僧侶と交わる色欲の夜に…」公式 (@souryo_anime) 7 marca 2017

Yukitaka Kujo: Renya Koitsuda
Kiyotaka Kujo: Perma KyouKyou
Shiori Kujo: Yurine Akiyama

Main Staff:

Director: Hideki Araki (Paradise of Innocence)
Series Composition/Scripts: Makoto Takada (My Wife is the Student Council President)
Character Design: Mizuki Aoba 
Anime Production: Seven (Ai Mai Mi, My Wife is the Student Council President)
Production: Kujo-kun no Bonnou wo Mimamorukai

Manga tankobon 1st and upcoming 4th volume to be released on April 18
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