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A Pretty High School Girl Trying Hard With Bad Luck Manga Begins

manga mineta-san wa umaku ikanai New series news

A Pretty High School Girl Trying Hard With Bad Luck Manga Begins


Mineta-san wa Umaku Ikanai manga written and illustrated by Tobari Akegata started in an web magazine Comic Newtype on December 15th 2017.

A high school girl, Kasumi Mineta, is pretty known with her good-looking appearance and elegant atmosphere.
And she doesn’t want to interact with people.
That’s why she doesn’t have any friends… They say.
The truth is…?
She gives it her all and never gives up, but she can’t make it… unfortunately.
Good luck, Mineta-san.

With that cool and serious look, she is worrying about that she is in danger of peeing herself.
峯田さんはうまくイカない 第1話 
もうすぐクリスマスでやってられんわ、クソがぁ…って気持ちがはきちぎれんばかりの担当が読んだら、なんか元気出ましたよ。皆様もぜひ! pic.twitter.com/YFyK3WU5u1

— コミックニュータイプ編集部 (@ComicNewtype) December 15, 2017

The 1st chapter is available:
The 2nd chapter is scheduled to be released on December 22nd, 2017.

Via – Official Twitter Account:
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