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“A Sister’s All You Need.” Anime Quadruples Sale Of Beer, 400 Bottles In Two Weeks

A Sister's All You Need anime Imosae Imouto Sae ireba Ii news

“A Sister’s All You Need.” Anime Quadruples Sale Of Beer, 400 Bottles In Two Weeks


A Sister’s All You Need., aka Imouto Sae Ireba Ii., anime has quadrupled the sale of Outou no Shizuku, a beer appeared in the 8th episode.

After the episode was aired in late November, the number of orders for the beer has become over four hundred bottles in two weeks on the direct online shop.

Outou no Shizuku is a beer created by Abishiri Beer Company.
The president said that he is happy that it gets fans of Abishiri Beer from the other ground.

The anime has scenes where the characters drink alcohols in most episodes.
It introduces alcohols they have in each episode.
This time, the characters were drinking the beer at a character’s birthday party.
The review for those alcohols is available on the official site.

TV anime A Sister’s All You Need. is an airing anime.
It is called Imosae in short in Japanese.

The original novel is written by Yomi Hirasaka and illustrated by Kantoku.
The novel’s 8th volume was released on September 20th, 2017.
Yomi Hirasaka is known for his previous work Haganai Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai.

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