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“Blend S” Anime Finale With Manga Author’s Illustrations!

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“Blend S” Anime Finale With Manga Author’s Illustrations!


Miyuki Nakayama, the author of Blend S manga, & Manga Time Kirara the magazine’s editorial department posted some illustrations for the anime’s final episode on Twitter.

“And today… the final episode airs…! Starting at 24:30 (0:30 AM)~ #BlendS”
By Miyuki Nakayama
そして今日は最終話…!24:30からです~#ブレンドS pic.twitter.com/Z8TJy6nsy7

— 中山幸 (@okmgmk) December 23, 2017

“Starting at 24:30 (0:30 AM) today, TV Anime “Blend S” the 12th episode (finale) “I love you!” will be aired earliest (in the world) on TOKYO MX etc.
This illustration made the cover of Kirara Carat in the end of the last year. This year was one that people more than we expected enjoyed “Blend S”.
Many thanks to all of our staff, watchers!”
By Manga Time Kirara Editorial Department
本日24:30よりTOKYO MX他にてTVアニメ「ブレンド・S」第12話(最終話)「大好きですっ!」最速放送です。画像のイラストがきららキャラットの表紙を飾ったのが昨年末、想像以上に多くの方に「ブレンド・S」を楽しんでいただけた1年となりました。スタッフの皆様、視聴者の皆様に感謝です! pic.twitter.com/aDMOM2R2mL

— まんがタイムきらら編集部 (@mangatimekirara) December 23, 2017

“Thank you very much for watching Blend S! The one cour flied so fast… it was really fun! #BlendS”
By Miyuki Nakayama
ブレンド・Sを観てくださり有難うございました!あっという間の1クールでした…とても楽しかったです!#ブレンドS pic.twitter.com/nt1XQ7e8Ge

— 中山幸 (@okmgmk) December 23, 2017

“【The Final Episode】
Thank you for watching! Then all 12 episodes were finished to air! Starting from October (to December), 3 month flied so fast. Thank you for keeping up with until the end!
And at last, here is an End Card from Nakayama-sensei!

Well then, everyone “See you again, sometime, somewhere.” #BlendS #BuonoBuonoWith500millionPeople “
By Manga Time Kirara Editorial Department


それでは皆さん、「また、いつかどこかで。」 #ブレンドS #5億人でボーノボーノ pic.twitter.com/lDA4fpunqu

— TVアニメ『ブレンド・S』公式 (@blend_s_anime) December 23, 2017

Blend S is anime that aired from October to December, 2017 with 12 episodes for Fall 2017.
The manga has been serialized in Manga Time Kirara Carat.
The manga’s 4th volume was released on October 27th, 2017.

Via – Official Twitter Account:

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