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New Sound! Euphonium Movie Liz and the Blue Bird Key Visual

2018 anime blue bird key visual Movie sound euphonium visual

New Sound! Euphonium Movie Liz and the Blue Bird Key Visual

Story Summary :
That girl is a blue bird. To fly freely in the blue sky is her joy. But because I was scared of being alone, I put her in a bird cage and pretended not to notice her sorrow.
Both are members of the Kitauji High School concert band club: Mizore Yoroizuka, who plays the oboe and Nozomi Kasaki, who plays the flute. They are in their third year and it’s their final competition. For the free song, they chose the song ‘Liz and the Blue Bird’, which has an oboe and flute solo.
‘This song seems like us.’
While Nozomi is enjoying her instrument fully, Mizore is happy with her days spent with Nozomi but fears the day when she won’t be able to do so. They are supposed to be best friends. But their oboe and flute solos don’t go well together and causes them to feel the distance between them.
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