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“Konosuba” Anime’s Big Announcement Is Coming Soon…?

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“Konosuba” Anime’s Big Announcement Is Coming Soon…?

(Konosuba Anime Official Site http://konosuba.com/)

Konosuba – Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!, aka God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!, appears to announce something.
The official account of TV Anime Konosuba tweeted on June 19 that
“Come to think of it, the very reason Kazuma came to another world is…”
with a link to the official site of the anime.

In the official site, you can find that it is under construction with Kazuma Satou and Aqua.

It was already announced in 2017 that a new anime project is underway.

For what it’s worth, the novel’s 14th volume and the spin-off novel’s 3rd volume are slated to release on July 1, 2018.

そういえば、カズマが異世界に来たそもそもの理由って… #このすば

— TVアニメ『このすば』公式ツイッター (@konosubaanime) June 19, 2018

【このすば】大変お待たせしました!! 本編14巻&ダスト主人公『愚か者』3巻、7月1日同時発売決定! 本日は三嶋くろね神、憂姫はぐれ神より頂戴した出来たてホヤホヤの書影を初公開!ゆんゆんとアイリスのむちむち&ロリ可愛い感じが堪りません!! 2018年夏も「このすば」尽くし!!! #このすば pic.twitter.com/ofMWtqIyCX

— スニーカー文庫@6/1新刊発売! (@kadokawasneaker) May 31, 2018

Konosuba New Anime Project Announcement
My apologies for the mistake; Jin-sanJun-san

#このすば pic.twitter.com/Rru3URML3A

— TVアニメ『このすば』公式ツイッター (@konosubaanime) July 25, 2017

Via – Official Twitter Account

https://twitter.com/konosubaanime/status/889772748150423552 https://twitter.com/kadokawasneaker/status/1002124225623220225

Via – Official Anime Site
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