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New Key Visual for OVERLORD Ⅲ&Ple Ple Pleiades 3!

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(Ple Ple Peiades 3 Announcement: Twitter)

The official Twitter account of TV Anime OVERLORD released new key visuals for OVERLORD Ⅲ and Ple Ple Pleiades 3, and covers for the opening and ending on June 24.
They are slated to start airing on July 10, 2018.

All Hail –

そして公式HPのTOPもリニューアル!https://t.co/tWAiKFcvmx#overlord_anime pic.twitter.com/jg8fTBH134

— オーバーロード/TVアニメ公式 (@over_lord_anime) June 24, 2018

Apparently, something is trending in Nazarick.

そして今回もやります!「ぷれぷれぷれあです3」も7月10日(火)よりスタート!#overlord_anime pic.twitter.com/FQXG7xhRBi

— オーバーロード/TVアニメ公式 (@over_lord_anime) June 24, 2018

The covers for the opening and ending.
The title of the Ending theme is Silent Solitude.

「オーバーロードⅢ」のエンディングテーマのタイトルは「Silent Solitude」に決定しました!
https://t.co/Ry3Q2t1rVX#overlord_anime pic.twitter.com/T29MG5VKsT

— オーバーロード/TVアニメ公式 (@over_lord_anime) June 24, 2018

OVERLORD is a novel series written by Kugane Maruyama and illustrated by so-bin.
The series has sold over 7.6 million copies in total.
It has received TV anime adaptation that is produced by MADHOUSE;
The first season, OVERLORD, was aired from July to September 2015.
The second season, OVERLORDⅡ, was aired from January to April 2018.
As a compilation film for the first season,
Part 1 was premiered on February 25, 2017,
Part 2 was premiered on March 11, 2017.

Via – Official Twitter Account:

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