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The Philippines’ Natinal Hero “Jose Rizal” Revives As Manga!

Jose Rizal manga new serialization New series news

The Philippines’ Natinal Hero “Jose Rizal” Revives As Manga!

(JOSE RIZAL on https://www.manga.club/jose/)
A manga series, JOSE RIZAL started on web manga sites, Sukima (in Japanese) and MANGA.CLUB (in English).
Takahiro Matsui writes the story, Ryo Konno illustrates the manga.
The 1st chapter was released on June 19, Jose Rizal’s birthday.
The series will update every Thursday and have 10 chapters.
The Japanese site describes the story as follows:
Philippines has been deprived of their mother tongue and governed by Spain for over 300 years.
They have been exploited and disrespected as “Indio”.
In the era, Jose Rizal was born in the suburbs of Manila and starts wondering;
Are Filipino people inferior as human being just because we are Filipino?
Is it impossible to improve the circumstances of Philippines by intelligence, not by force?
He, who understands 15 languages and talented in many fields like a doctor, writer, painter, is going to lead the people to a revolution by writing a novel!!
(Translated by BUSHIDO SAMURAI)
Via – natalie:
Via – Sukuma:

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