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Glimps at Life-Sized Rem figure from “Re:zero”!

figurex maid nendroid re:zero rem white fox

Glimps at Life-Sized Rem figure from “Re:zero”!


We’ve got a surprise for Christmas! Santa is going to bring us life-sized Re:Zero Rem statue! It is if you are willing to pay 1,480,000yen (it’s about $12600).

#FIGUREX #リゼロ #レム #rezero pic.twitter.com/BXGUFAF9ml

— FIGUREX (@figurexjp) 22 grudnia 2016

It’s 149cm high pretty figure of so aclaimed “best maids in 2016” so just feast your eyes upon this beautiful picture. If you really want to buy it, item will be selling between December 24 and February 2nd.

Also, Bushiroad has posted more photo of their set of mini-figures.  They are also cute so be sure to check them out!

【Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活 レムがいっぱいコレクションフィギュア】
大人気の『Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活』から、レムだらけのフィギュアが登場ですアニ!様々な表情やシチュエーションで構成された全5種!ご予約受付中♪ https://t.co/L1Uqr0swOb #リゼロ pic.twitter.com/DddvUCW6Sz

— 株式会社アニメイト (@animateinfo) 22 grudnia 2016

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