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Kaguya-sama Love is War S2 Episode 8 Screenshots, Synopsis, Staff, Seiyuu Reactions

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(Thumbnail via TV Anime Kaguya-sama Love is War S2 Official Website)

TV Anime Kaguya-sama Love is War S2 updated information about the 8th episode on the official website. Let’s check episode titles, synopsis, staff, and a reaction from a voice actor/actress on Twitter.

Notice: No translations are official in this article.

Episode Title

Iino Miko wants to suppress them”
Kaguya-sama doesn’t be afraid”
Kaguya-sama wants be diagnosed”


Although the new student council invites Miko as an accounting auditor and begins, the student council room is filled with a tense atmosphere for some reason. It’s because Miko, who is strict with rules, cannot overlook and ends up telling off Kaguya and Shirogane for behaving indecently at school (from her point of view) and Ishigami for ignoring school rules and playing games. Receiving advice from Fujiwara, whom Miko looks up to, she tries to train, “never get angry no matter what happens”, but…


Script Writer: Sugawara Yukie
Story Board Artist: Tobita Tsuyoshi
Episode Director: Tobita Tsuyoshi
General Animation Director: Tanaka Kie
Animation Director: Saitou Junichi, Ishikawa Youichi

Voice Actor/Actress Reaction

Tomita Miu, the voice actress of Iino Miko: Bringing a game console to school is 🙅🏻‍

Suzuki Ryota, the voice actor of Ishigami Yuu: Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! And get married, get marrieddddd!!!!!


Via – Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai? Official Website

Via – Tomita Miu Official Twitter Account

Via – Suzuki Ryota Official Twitter Account

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