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Kaguya-sama: Stay Happy On Rainy Days With Gorgeous Character Goods

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(Thumbnail via Kaguya-sama Love is War Fair on animate with AMNIBUS)

Kaguya-sama Love is War fair will be held from June 6 to June 28, 2020 by a leading Japanese goods retail company, animate with a collaboration goods shopping website, AMNIBUS. Both of them sell merchandise related to Anime, Manga, and Game.

The illustration was drawn for the fair. The concept is going outside on rainy days. The members of the student council dress casual and hold an umbrella in their own way. Their umbrella’s coloring, design, and balance fit their clothes and personalities. It is worth a look at the variety of smiles on their faces, from beaming to subtle.

The goods will be available at these animate shops below, prior to releases on AMNIBUS.

Ikebukuro Honten, Takasaki-ten, Sendai-ten, Omiya-ten, Machida-ten, Tsudanuma-ten, Kichijouji Parco-ten, Hiba-ten, Utsunomiya-ten, Hachiouji-ten, Sapporo-ten, Kawagoe-ten, Shibuya-ten, Nagoya-ten, Shizuoka Parco-ten, Niigata-ten, Nagano-ten, Kooriyama-ten, Akihabara Honkan, Hamamatsu-ten, Toyohashi-ten, Tachikawa-ten, -tennouji-ten, Sanguu-ten, Himeji-ten, Kyouto-ten, FukuokaParco-ten, Okayama-ten, Ogura-ten, Hiroshima-ten, Kumamoto-ten, kyoubashi-ten, Osaka Nihonbashi-ten, Kamata-ten, Gifu-ten, Kashiwa-ten, Yokohama Vivre-ten, Kawasaki-ten, Naha Kokusai Doori-ten, Umeda-ten, Shinjuku-ten, Nagoya Parco-ten, and available also on animate’s online shopping service.

During the fair, a bonus, out of 5 pictures you can see below, will be offered each time you spend more than 1,000 yen, including preorder, on Kaguya-sama Love is War related merchandise such as Book, CD, DVD, Blu-ray.

Via – Kaguya-sama Love is War animate fair AMNIBUS

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