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Amazon Removes Select Japanese Titles From Their Platform

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Amazon Removes Select Japanese Titles From Their Platform


Yen Press, the official English publisher for “No Game No Life”, has announced that Amazon decided to remove the title from their platform, and invited the fans to support it via other retailers.

This is just the last in line of titles Amazon decided to take down, as J-Novel Club (another publisher) also posted about several of their titles being removed. They first posted about it when “My Next Life as a Villainess” Volume 6 preorders were suddenly cancelled back on June 24, when they also listed the other titles that got blocked. 

Fast forward to July 14, and they officially confirm with Amazon that multiple other titles have been removed by the Kindle Content Review (some also including manga). However, they first heard about it from their users’ complaints as Amazon never notified them, and they didn’t say anything until J-Novel themselves contacted them. They still couldn’t give them a reason though.

Less than a day later, they got emailed by Amazon about the removal of certain volumes of “Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash” and “Infinite Stratos” as well.

Fans were quick to ask how “Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash” broke any rules, and it apparently has one ‘risky’ illustration in its first volume.

Apart from those, Dark Horse‘s titles “Oreimo” and “Eromanga Sensei” were also reported to be removed, though the publisher is yet to release a statement about it.

All the series mentioned above have some degree of an adult (‘lewd’) element to them, and it’s possible that the reason for the removal is that Amazon can’t verify the age of certain anime characters (yes, that’s actually possible and other platforms are also looking at anime as a medium that presents minors in an inappropriate way due to the artstyle). Seeing that Amazon can’t give a reason and that Western counter-parts are not being affected whatsoever, it’s no wonder that there are a lot of comments that say it’s an attack on the Japanese artstyle itself.

The topic obviously reached Japanese fans, who expressed their dissatisfaction and concern about the censorship eventually coming to their country as well. Some even went as far as calling it a “Culture War” and are worried that their style of expression and diversity is in danger.

Whatever the reason, it’s bound to cause backlash as it appears to be a selective attack on a certain type of content and we are waiting to see if Amazon offers an official explanation on the removals.

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