About Us

Established in 2012 by an Anime Enthusiast named, Marlo Barcellano, Anime Corner is an independent media and community platform that aims to bring you the latest news regarding everything anime culture. We also aim to provide a quintessential anime experience, culminated by the passion and success of the global anime community. Our community network has a wide range of genres, communities, projects, and platforms that caters to the multi-disciplined and diverse audiences and providing support and connections between businesses and the community, promoting a harmonious growth and development of the Japanese Anime and Manga culture worldwide.

Our Logo

Anime Corner as a community organization has a logo worthy of its meaning. Modernity runs within our core values as we provide the expanding platforms between the Japanese Anime Culture and the World as well as introducing the popular “Sakura” crest symbols to embody the elegance and beauty of the Japanese Culture embraced by the elegance of the crescent moon to represent the other parts of the world, due to the timezone difference while represented by our official character “Lune”, our frontrunner character.

Here’s the detailed elements of our logo and its meaning:

Rounded Square Corner represents the four corners of the world, putting importance of the primary tenants of the anime cultures all across the world.

Crescent Moon represents the elegance of our organization and the timezone differences between Japan and the world.

The Main Sakura Flower represents the entire Japanese culture.

Three Sakura Flowers represents our three primary platforms: The Community, Social Media Network, and News and Culture Platforms.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bridge all kinds of genres, communities, platforms, creators, and producers involved in the vast and diverse Anime Culture across all corners of the world.

Our Vision

Our vision is a worldwide community of anime enthusiasts, creators, producers, and fans that are intertwined with each other, supporting all kinds of projects, events, and communication promoting the Japanese Anime Culture into a worldwide brand and part of the integral culture of civilization.