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We have community events almost every week, and we give tons of freebies and prizes!

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Hang out with people with the same passions (or interests) as you on our text and voice chats.

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Discord Community Rules

  1. You should follow Discord Terms of Service
  2. You should be respectful
  3. You should avoid toxicity at all cost
  4. You should not post any NSFW content on any part of the server
  5. You should not spam in any form
  6. You should not advertise other servers/sites/etc.
  7. You should send content on their respective channels
  8. You should not spoil on any channel except the spoiler channel
  9. You should not use this server to gain access to other member’s Direct Messages
  10. You should speak English always (excluding regional channels)

For a more thorough and comprehensive set of rules, please go here.