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Interview: MyHolo TV President and CEO Kel Win Tan

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MyHolo TV President and CEO Kel Win Tan: “The VTuber culture in Malaysia is growing at a steady pace.”

Recently, our very own Tsukimi Lune collaborated with a fellow VTuber, Liliana Vampaia. Both played an enjoyable game of Human Fall Flat, which gathered a combined total of 5,400 views. Liliana has been streaming for a year now, and has over 62,000 subscribers. Likewise, she is under MyHolo TV, an agency based in Malaysia. Additionally, MyHolo TV is established in May 2020 and describes itself as the pioneer VTuber agency in Malaysia.

On this feature, we talk to MyHolo TV President and CEO Kel Win Tan. He shares to us his updates on the agency. He also shares his perspective and beliefs for Malaysia’s VTubing community.

On the VTuber Community in Malaysia and globally

Anime Corner (AC): How do you see Malaysia’s VTuber community right now, from your perspective?

Kel Win Tan (KT): The VTuber community began in earnest in 2020 in Malaysia and since then I have seen many new talented local VTubers who started out on their live stream platforms. The VTuber culture in Malaysia is growing at a steady pace.

AC: What’s your perspective about the overall global VTubing community?

KT: There are still many unexplored possibilities in the overall VTubing community. Live2D and virtual reality tech are constantly evolving, and I believe it will further enhance the VTubing experience for the fans.

AC: Do you think the VTuber community has what it takes to become as sustainable as other forms of media?

KT: Yes, we firmly believe the VTuber community is getting more significant and noticeable by other forms of media as a new entertainment medium.

AC: From the pace this community is going, do you foresee any further developments in this community in the long run?

KT: At this pace, we do foresee that virtual entertainment will become a booming industry in the future for our community.

AC: Have you had any partnerships with your government? If not, do you see the prospect of having a partnership with them?

KT: We have yet to receive any partnership offer from our local government. We do welcome any partnership and investment opportunities from all parties.

AC: Do you believe that VTubers help boost the country’s creative economy?

KT: Yes, we firmly believe that VTubers will play an essential role in the creative industry especially in Manga, Anime, and Gaming.

MyHolo TV Liliana Vampaia Tsukimi Lune collab

On MyHolo TV

AC: What are the factors that pushed you to establish MyHolo TV?

KT: We saw an untapped potential market in Malaysia as it is entirely a new form of entertainment medium in our local community. With the success and influence of Anime, Manga, Gaming, and VTuber culture from Japan, it encouraged my passion to establish our own company, MyHolo TV.

AC: We heard you opened auditions again, may we know how it was?

KT: We want to thank everyone who believes in our company and tried their best in our audition for 2021. It was overwhelming as we received over 300 applications. We have spent days selecting candidates from local and overseas. Nonetheless, it was a tough decision for us, and only a few made it through. 

AC: Kindly tell us three traits you are looking for in a VTuber.

KT: We are looking for talents that have their own unique, entertaining traits as we welcome different personalities. It is an invaluable asset for talent who can interact well with their audience and are passionate about what they are doing.

AC: What are the challenges of managing VTubers?

KT: One of the biggest challenges is uniting our talents from various countries, embracing cultural differences together, and sharing these special bonds with our fans.

AC: What are the other things that we should look forward to from MyHolo TV in the future?

KT: By uniting our Talents from various countries, we hope to share and embrace the uniqueness of our culture with our fans in the future.

We would like to thank Kel Win Tan of MyHolo TV for sharing his time with us. Also, do expect more features on Anime Corner’s VTuber section, where we cover major updates from the community.

Jay Agonoy

Jay Agonoy has written feature stories for websites such as The Reimaru Files and Rappler, as well as moderated select panel discussions on the local anime and idol cultures. Currently, he handles keepsakes., his personal multimedia project spanning blogs, vlogs and podcasts. Prior to Anime Corner, Jay has covered events since 2010. (See Jay's current portfolio on MuckRack.)

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