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“Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai” Doujin-ban Chapter 2!

Anime Corner Author
(Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai Doujin-ban Chapter 2)
Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai Doujinban Chapter 2 is now available on Tonari no Young Jump.
The manga will be updated every Thursday this month, June 2018.
It will be updated on the 2nd and 4th Thursday after that. 

Check out the first chapter if you have not read it↓  

 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 centers on Fujiwara as well as the Chapter 1.


The subtitle of the chapter is Fujiwara Sisters want to punish them (Doujin ver.)
Kids these days are said to spend less time to go outside and play.
But here are some energetic kids.

Fujiwara (big sister) was shot.
This is no good.
They should be careful not to cause trouble to other people while playing.
Of course Fujiwara (little sister) gets angry.
But the kids’ reactions are cliched at their age.
“We were just playing freely! Like hell we’d care about you if you get splashed!”
“You are the one to blame because you appeared in front of us suddenly, aren’t you?”
Fujiwara (big sister) has such a generous mind that she tries to forgive them as they didn’t do it on purpose.
But the boy says to her
“Don’t touch me, you old bag!!”
The boy crossed the line.
Even she can’t overlook the boy’s words so that she makes up her mind to punish them with the power of adult called money.
The boys have confidence and no fear because they have never been defeated in the field, therefore, they call themselves Bukkake Trio
And thus, Turf War has broken out!!
This is Splatoon reference obviously.
Hm? A boy tells her to check his water gun because there is something wrong and he can’t shoot.
This is no good.
She shouldn’t have let her guard down during the war.
The boy gets so excited by the success of the facial shot.
Fujiwara (little sister) counterattacks them with the electric water gun.
That’s some malicious smile.
The boys are experience in the field, and Fujiwara sisters are getting cornered.
And when a boy steps forward to finish the battle…
Two boy point out that Fujiwara sisters’ clothes are all wet and their bras are visible.

The boy wearing a cup don’t understand what they are talking about.
He tells them that bras are not rare because they should see bras of their mothers.
And he doesn’t even know the meaning of that pose of them.








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