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Anime Corner is a community network platform that extends all across facebook and beyond. Primarily, we have the main social media channels that you guys can follow and check for more updates and other hot stuffs from us!:

Anime Corner also has a diverse platforms and affiliates all over the world. Boasting its mission of a multi-dimensional community experience, they are our frontrunners that leads us towards our vision.

Established in 2013, Anime Corner Group Philippines is our local anime organization that started off as a facebook group, revolutionizing the way the community works online and beyond. As one of the Pioneers in the community, AC Philippines has managed to build up projects targeting different kinds of members, for their improvement. Follow our page and our facebook group!

Setsu-ani is Anime Corner Philippine’s official media arm, consists of well established members experienced in media work and in communications. Currently, Setsu-ani has managed to cover all kinds of events in the country, featuring all kinds of organizers and small time events that sparks the growth of the community. Like our page to know more!

AniradioPH is Anime Corner Philippine’s affiliate for podcasting and culture related content that aims to provide local fans an interesting feature of the anime culture, shows that people would follow, and a casual platform that gives its fans an enjoyable and fun experience. Like our page to know more!

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