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16Bit Sensation Episode 6 – One Billion Yen Out

The release of 16Bit Sensation episode 6 marks a pivotal moment in the season, as it not only reaches its halfway point, but also delivers a devastating blow to Konoha and the talented team at Alcohol Soft. When we reflect on episode 5, we remember how Konoha and Mamoru harbored doubts about the company president of Alcohol Soft, Masaru, who interestingly enough, happens to also be Mamoru’s father. In this episode, we follow the detective work of the duo as they uncover some unfortunate news.

Believe in Me!

Early on in 16Bit Sensation episode 6 , as Konoha is preparing to find the truth behind Alcohol Soft’s president’s intentions, she coincidently comes face to face with Touya, a fan favorite from previous episodes. However, Touya looks completely different, and it’s not just about the passing of time since Konoha had last seen her. Touya is dressed in cosplay, makeup caked on, and has a very different personality than the one she had previously. It seems as though she’s achieved a dream of hers by becoming an illustrator for a company. An alarming thing to note is how Touya seems to have an “e-girl” presence about her, even making an unexpected remark about how gullible men are – insinuating she might be using them for her gain. Needless to say, I’m dying to know more about Touya’s jarring change, and I’m sure we will see more of her very soon.

As the short meeting with Touya comes to an end, Konoha finds an inebriated Masaru at a girls’ bar, rambling about how his true priority lies not in appreciating the talent of Alcohol Soft’s artists and programmers, but rather in maximizing his profits. Konoha records his remarks and plays it in front of him the next day during an Alcohol Soft employee gathering, sparking justifiable frustration and anger from the studio’s workers. The situation takes an even darker turn as the television in the studio displays Masaru’s business partner, Ichigaya, being arrested for business fraud. It is here that tragedy truly befalls the studio as Masaru lets it slip that the company is now out 1 billion yen due to a fraudulent business deal with Ichigaya.

Meiko, Kaori, and their colleagues at the studio strongly believe that it is no longer feasible to work for Alcohol Soft, and are discussing the possibility of seeking employment with another company to create games. Konoha is known for being stubborn, and she adamantly refuses to accept that Alcohol Soft is coming to an end. She desperately pleads with Mamoru, urging him not to give up on creating games. We see Konoha’s passion for games burst through her. She believes that by combining her and Mamoru’s talents, they can create a game that not only stands out but also rescues the company from its financial troubles. Through this determination, Mamoru agrees to work with Konoha on a game.

While 16Bit Sensation may not be the top-animated show of the season by far, its captivating characters and meticulous depiction of game development and culture over the years keep me fully engrossed. Now that we’ve reached the halfway point, we’re about to witness the long-awaited collaboration between Mamoru and Konoha as they join forces to hopefully create a truly remarkable game.

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