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About Us



Created in 2012, Anime Corner has always been a place for both seasoned veterans and new fans alike. We consistently strive to expand the community of our favourite medium, and we do it by sharing trending news from the industry, interesting highlights from shows, and anything else that is worth showing to the anime fandom.


We recently revamped our team and started making more original content, as well as improved our sources and connections to bring news way quicker. Another new addition have been our weekly polls, where we ask our fans to vote for the best anime of the week and try to give everyone the insight as to which shows are currently the most popular. This is mostly aimed at seasonal watchers, but it can also help people who are looking for new shows to decide which ones deserve a chance.


Of course, we are just starting out and plan to expand our activities to bring more entertainment to every anime fan around!


Our Logo

Anime Corner as a community organization decided to make a logo with a deeper meaning, and it features our original mascot character, Lune. Here’s a detailed explanation for the interested:


The Rounded Square Corner represents the four corners of the world, putting importance on the International aspect of the anime culture.


The Crescent Moon represents the elegance of our organisation and the time zone differences between Japan and the rest of the world.


The Main Sakura Flower represents the entire Japanese culture.


The Three Sakura Flowers represent our three primary platforms: The Community, Social Media Network, and News and Culture Platform.



We are also planning to directly interact with the community more and are working on ways to make it happen. For now, you can join our Discord or Facebook group.

Anime Corner Logo