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by Zeerak Ahmad


Anime Corner was founded in 2012 and has since grown to become a global community with millions of followers across its social media profiles.

With a monthly reach of over 20 million people, we strive to maintain a transparent relationship with our fans while providing them with engaging content. We’ve spent the last several years spreading the love for Japan and all things anime to as many people as possible.


Our primary objective is to serve as a reliable source of news about anime and Japan.

This is accomplished by quickly covering any topic of interest to our fans while avoiding shady sources and unofficial leaks. Our editors verify everything we publish, and we will always support authentic, official sources.

To that end, we’ve worked with a number of major anime licensors and companies, assisting them in managing their brands and social media profiles, as well as providing content and community insights.

Additionally, we conduct interviews with industry professionals to bring their perspectives and insights to the international community.


To curate interesting content and to keep our fans and ourselves engaged and organized, we’ve established multiple departments within Anime Corner, each with its own set of goals, objectives, and success metrics. The four most important are listed below.

Social Media Department

The social media department at Anime Corner is in charge of all of our public profiles on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The social team stays current on seasonal content and trends and uses the data gathered to create, schedule, manage, and promote content across all of our profiles.

Apart from internal operations, the department has worked directly with licensors and companies over the last few years to assist them with content management, profile building, and promotions.

News and Media Department

The news department at Anime Corner was established in 2020 with the sole purpose of verifying and publishing news, as well as coordinating press releases and materials obtained from our contacts, partners, and external sources. Additionally, this department is in charge of content management on our website and the Anime Corner News Facebook page.

Community Department

The community department at Anime Corner is in charge of moderation across all of our channels. The community team is primarily responsible for managing our fan groups, which include but are not limited to our Discord server and main Facebook group. Additionally, the team collaborates closely with the social media department to share feedback, insights, and develop user engagement strategies.

VTuber Department

The VTuber department at Anime Corner was established in late 2020 to manage the hiring of talent for Project Lune. Apart from talent management, the team is also responsible for content creation, growth, and other management activities, and has secured numerous collaborations with other industry talent. The team collaborates closely with the social and news departments to ensure compliance, as well as managing all of our mascot’s social media accounts.


To help us achieve our goal of providing fans with interesting information and engaging content, we’ve launched and successfully completed a number of projects. Two of the most recent noteworthy are highlighted below.

Anime Corner Polls

Summer 2020 marked the official start of Anime Corner’s poll data. We wanted to make it easier for fans to discover what’s popular, and we decided to do so by allowing them to vote for their favorites on a weekly and seasonal basis, in addition to providing them with results and interesting insights.

Our IT department built the entire system from the ground up, which enables us to address common issues such as spam, abuse, and vote duplication. We run polls on a separate website and then publish the complete results as an article on our main site.

Project Lune

Project Lune was founded in late 2020 with the goal of transforming Tsukimi Lune, Anime Corner’s official mascot, into a VTuber character. Anime Corner began holding public auditions in January 2021 and provided talent with a fully functional VTuber avatar asset, as well as creator support and a diverse yet effective social platform. It launched the character successfully in April 2021.


We began our social media activities on October 25, 2012, with a Facebook page and launched our website in October 2015. You can learn more about our team by clicking here.


We don’t have a physical office. Our team members working remotely from their homes across the world.



Tsukimi Lune is the official mascot of Anime Corner. Along with being an anime addict, she enjoys singing, playing games, and interacting with her fans. She is our platform’s original character and made her debut as a VTuber in April 2021.

Tsukimi Lune Character Sheet - Anime Corner Mascot

Tsukimi Lune’s initial concept art, as well as her initial design and costume, were created by Hakamiii. You can follow her on Twitter @hakakamiiii.

Tsukimi Lune Early Concept - Anime Corner Mascot

Similarly, Kaxukin illustrated our mascot and created her VTuber asset file. You can follow him on Twitter @kaxukin.


The logo for Anime Corner has a deeper meaning because it incorporates our original character while also referencing and representing the elegance of our community and platforms through the rounded square corners, crescent moon, main and three sakura flowers.


Shaeru.In, a digital illustrator, provided Anime Corner with a variety of icons, stickers, and illustrations for our mascot. Several of them have been embedded on our Discord server and are actively used during conversations between fans. You can follow her on Twitter @shaeru_in.