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We intend to cover everything related to Japanese culture, such as anime, manga, voice actors, creators, events, and so on. Our primary focus is news, but writers are free to write about anything that may be of interest to our audience. Aside from those, some non-Japanese topics, such as Western games, series, or similar, may also come up. These are not the primary focus and will be seen much less frequently.


Our goal is to keep anime fans up to date on all the latest news in the anime and manga worlds. Any article in the News category (regardless of subcategory) will only contain verified information from official sources. We strive to be 100 percent credible and truthful, and we strictly prohibit the dissemination of fake news or leaked information as facts.

No Leaks

We will not post anything that has not been officially released, as stated above. Our goal is to promote legitimate sources, whether they come directly from Japan or from credible third-party sources. As a result of the strict no-leak policy, you can always be sure that news on Anime Corner is verified.


Aside from News, Anime Corner is home to a variety of other types of articles. Whether it’s episode reviews, lists, events, or just interesting features, our writers are free to express themselves. All materials used will be credited, but keep in mind that, unlike news, our goal in those isn’t to be objective, but rather to share something from a more personal perspective. Obviously, if you disagree or have something to say, we’d love to hear from you in the comments or via messages.


Anime Corner takes care not to publish any information that is incorrect, misleading, or distorted. We will not present factual content in a way that misleads the audience in order to entice them to click and discover something other than what they expected.

Furthermore, all of our writers will make every effort to ensure that everything mentioned above is applied to every article.

Target audience

Our target audience includes anyone who enjoys anime, manga, games, or anything else related to Japan.


Our articles will be written in a casual and friendly tone. It will be formal and accurate when it comes to news. Individual features and opinion pieces, on the other hand, allow writers to express their opinions and share their enthusiasm for the things they enjoy.

It will always be obvious when someone expresses their personal opinion, but if you find something offensive, please feel free to contact us.


Anime Corner will only use legitimate sources and will always clearly state where information comes from in order to achieve our mission. This includes, but is not limited to, official organizations, publishers, licensors, streaming services, and so on.

Paid articles & ads

Anime Corner accepts paid promotion in the form of content that is relevant to our target audience on a limited basis. They will always be clearly marked so that readers are aware that it is a paid article, but we will still ensure that it does not violate our policy.

Acts of violence

Anime Corner will not glorify anti-social and criminal behavior by depicting acts of violence, armed robberies, banditry, and terrorist activities. Any article that contains something of the sort will be clearly labeled at the start.

Mature Content

While not common, mature images or text may be depicted on occasion. There will also be a warning at the beginning of the article, but we urge readers to proceed with caution.

Submissions & News Tips

If you have a news tip for us or a story you’d like to publish as a guest author, please contact us via social media or email at [email protected]. You will be credited for the news tip if we haven’t already written/begun writing it, while the submission ideas will be reviewed individually and approved if we believe they fit our website. Incentives may be applied to articles that have been approved.

Punctuation / Grammar

Every article at Anime Corner is proofread and edited to improve readability and clarity. While mistakes are unavoidable, we strive to keep them to a minimum and provide the best user experience possible.


If you have any questions about privacy, please visit our privacy policy page.


Please contact us if you have any questions about our Editorial Policy.