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Meet the Anime Corner staff members who work tirelessly to keep the site up and running! The website is mainly run by our News team and editors, who can be reached at [email protected].


Marko Jovanovic is our News Department’s Editor-in-Chief. He graduated from Cambridge Centre with a CAE in English and in information technology at the University of Montenegro. He enjoys watching a wide variety of anime, but his all-time favorite is still shonen (particularly One Piece and Gintama). He can be reached via Twitter at @marko_acorn.

Managing Editor

Tamara Lazic is a Managing Editor and Writer for Anime Corner News. She has a degree in Journalism and Communications and currently works in communications. In addition to the News Department, she’s involved with Anime Corner’s polls and social media. Her favorite anime is Attack on Titan, and she’s patiently waiting for the Silver Spoon season 3 announcement. Find her on Twitter at @Tam_AnimePotat.

Senior Writers

Jay Gibbs is a writer and recent graduate of the University of Chicago where he majored in Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies, Public Policy, Political Science, and East Asian Languages and Civilizations. He lives in New York City where he works as a Research Associate for a talent consulting company. Jay watches plenty of shonen anime as well as a wide variety of slice-of-life and school life series. You can check out his past work at ComicsVerse or follow him on Twitter @JayCGibbs

Carla Carreon is a sleepy writer from the Philippines; a psychology graduate, a licensed psychometrician, digital artist, and an online shop owner. After college, she went on an adventure to fulfill her dreams of seeing Japan and America. Now she is settled back at home, making digital art on her Instagram (@thesaltwaterdaisy), saying random things on Twitter(@fluuffycralala), and writing about anime and other things. She absolutely loves ramen.

Eric Himmelheber is a big sci-fi anime fan who currently resides in Spain but is USA-born and raised. After graduating from Towson University and working for 6 years as a sports reporter, he is now bringing his love of anime and manga to the forefront here at Anime Corner. He can be found on Twitter @erichimmelheber.


Bushido Samurai is a Japanese translator and writer for Anime Corner, supporting other writers with his Japanese knowledge. He posts manga translations on his social pages with permission from the authors. You can find him BUSHIDO @BlackDragonSP on Twitter, Bushido Samurai on Facebook.

Brett Michael Orr is a freelance anime and manga journalist from Melbourne, Australia. He’s an avid fan of JRPGs and a self-described otaku, and can either be found buried in the pages of a light novel, or gaming up a storm. Formerly of Honey’s Anime, he’s also a novelist, software engineer, and artist. You can find him on Twitter (@brettmichaelorr).

Andrea Tran is a university student majoring in Media and Communications Studies who enjoys reading manga/manhwa late at night to feed her delusions. She is often very tired but gaslights herself into not knowing why she is tired. Her favorite food is ramen, and her dream career is in social media marketing.

Marvic Dan is the typical hard-working college student. He watches anime casually, reads manga, and loves playing computer games. His favorite show is Sword Art Online, and because of that, he plans to contribute to the development of virtual reality after he finishes his Computer Engineering degree in the future. He joined Anime Corner because of his love and passion for anime.

Teddy Cambosa is a freelance writer and journalist who is currently a final-year student at the Batangas State University, where he is studying Biology. He is a senior writer at marketing publication MARKETECH APAC, and also contributes to several online outlets such as PAKSA MNL, Outbreak News Today, and VTuber NewsDrop. He loves to talk about things related to marketing, advertising, branding, VTubers, astronomy, and music. You can find him on Twitter (@teddy_we48).

Kuba Kejza, a former Managing Editor, is now a part-time games writer. He focuses on anime-related and inspired content as he enjoys writing reviews that help fellow gamers find things worthy of their attention. 

JP Kristov… what is it? 365 million years ago a fish left the water, 65 million years ago the dinosaurs left the land (all the land), 6 million years ago monkeys stood up… Modern day: a random dude watches D-FRAG, rejects the notion of passing on genes by loving 2D drawings goes on Facebook applies for Anime Corner. Now he writes about figures and does some reviews.

Chike Nwaenie is a news writer whose introduction to manga might have been through Budokai Tenkaichi on PS2. A lover of all fiction upbeat and gritty, he’ll still take a chance on a bright spark in an otherwise dark world. Writing is his stopover on this forever train, and he hopes his upcoming novel is the first step in showing some gratitude. South London-born and raised. In addition to Anime Corner, Chike’s works can be found on CBR, and How To Love Comics.

Wednesday Alcala is a third-year college student whose passion spans music, art, and graphic design (though her program is completely unrelated to any of those). She occasionally writes seiyuu news for Anime Corner and does graphics for Seiyuu Corner. Her interests in anime and manga are diverse, but she enjoys action-oriented stuff like JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Attack on Titan, and Bungo Stray Dogs. You can find her on Twitter (@wendokusai) and Instagram (@wendyumehara).

Matt Lyons is a music history PhD who’s been watching anime for nearly 30 years. Having grown up in the 90s, he is a huge fan of classic anime like Cowboy Bebop, Yoroiden Samurai Troopers, Grave of the Fireflies, and especially the Gundam franchise. Recent favorites include Demon Slayer, Eighty Six, Shadows House, Zombie Land Saga, and Nagatoro. Matt also regularly attends American anime conventions, and he’s been performing his comedy panel “Anime FAILS!” at several East Coast and Midwest cons since 2015. In his spare time, he enjoys working out at the gym, singing karaoke, puzzle games, and rooting for the Yankees. You can find Matt on Twitter at @Doc_Obsidian and on Instagram at @dr_obsidian. He currently resides in New York.


Ken Pueyo is in charge of Anime Corner’s seiyuu and idol content. He is currently enrolled at Central Philippine University, where he is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in English Language Studies. Since 2016, he has been a fan of Japanese voice actors and idols. His preferred anime genre is a slice of life, specifically the moe and idol subgenres, and he believes that short-haired girls are the most attractive.

Zeerak Ahmad is the geek behind the Anime Corner website. He enjoys developing IT solutions and is particularly fond of fluffy manga and psychological anime, but he is open to other genres.