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by Zeerak Ahmad

Meet the Anime Corner staff that works tirelessly to keep the site up and running!

Chief Editor

The primary point of contact for the Anime Corner editorial team. Always on the lookout for ways to improve and incorporate new types of content with the assistance of the other editors and writers.

Marko Jovanovic is our News Department’s Editor-in-Chief. He graduated from Cambridge Centre with a CAE in English and is currently pursuing a degree in information technology at the University of Montenegro. He enjoys watching a wide variety of anime, but his all-time favorite is still shonen (particularly One Piece and Gintama). He can be reached via Twitter at @marko_acorn.

Managing Editors

The editors at Anime Corner are the people who make sure everything goes smoothly and to guide the writers into creating engaging content. Besides helping others, they also write and contribute themselves.

Jakub Kejza is Anime Corner’s senior writer and editor. He’s also the manager of AC’s news department where he ensures that important news stories are covered properly. Jakub is a Polish ICT student who has previously written web content for a Polish gaming website. You can reach out to him at any time over on Twitter @kezja_san.

Tamara Lazic has a degree in Journalism and Communications and has worked many odd jobs in the media field since graduating. She has been involved in the anime community for the past four years. Tamara currently works as an editor and manages social media for Anime Corner News. Her favorite anime is Attack on Titan, and she’s patiently waiting for Silver Spoon season 3 announcement. Find her on Twitter at @Tamara_AnimeC.


Each writer is free to write about anything they want and in any way they want, as long as it does not violate our policies. Everyone works collaboratively to bring fans engaging content.

Jay Gibbs is a writer and recent graduate of the University of Chicago where he majored in Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies, Public Policy, Political Science, and East Asian Languages and Civilizations. He lives in New York City where he works as a Research Associate for a talent consulting company. Jay watches plenty of shonen anime as well as a wide variety of slice-of-life and school life series. You can check out his past work at ComicsVerse or follow him on Twitter @JayCGibbs

Bushido Samurai is a Japanese translator and writer for Anime Corner, supporting other writers with his Japanese knowledge. He posts manga translations on his social pages with permission from the authors. You can find him BUSHIDO @BlackDragonSP on Twitter, Bushido Samurai on Facebook.

Carla Carreon is a sleepy writer from the Philippines; a psychology graduate, licensed Psychometrician, digital artist, and an online shop owner. After college, she went on an adventure to fulfill her dreams of seeing Japan and America. Now she is settled back at home, making digital art on her Instagram (@thesaltwaterdaisy), saying random things on Twitter(@fluuffycralala), and writing about anime and other things. She absolutely loves ramen.

Eric Himmelheber is a big sci-fi anime fan who currently resides in Maryland, USA. After 6 years of sports reporting and graduating from Towson University, he is now bringing his love of anime and manga to the forefront here at Anime Corner. Eric is currently working on an upcoming series of articles for Anime Corner that many fans will want to tune into. So be on the lookout when we make the announcement on social media! He can be found on Twitter @erichimmelheber.

Georgia Hill has a degree in Media and Communications, specialising in Journalism and Screen Studies. She lives in Australia and is an avid anime and manga fan with a particular love of seinen and slice of life (though she has a soft spot for romance). Her favourite anime include Cowboy Bebop, Evangelion, Mushi-shi and Given. She currently writes news and features for Anime Corner.

Austin Douglas is a writer and reporter for Anime Corner, providing news and opinions on the anime and manga world. With a wide array of knowledge in writing and debate, he is an expert in the communications realm, graduating from Angelo State University of the United States in 2017. With a passion for Foreign Cultures, he hopes to share some of the best works of the anime industry. When he isn’t watching various anime or sports, reading Manga, or other shenanigans, you can follow him on Twitter (@adreamchasin)

Jay Agonoy has written feature stories for websites such as Rappler and The Reimaru Files, as well as moderated select panel discussions on the local anime and cosplay community. Currently, he handles keepsakes., his personal multimedia project spanning blogs, vlogs and podcasts. A frequent visitor, he also covers events in the Philippine Otaku community since 2010.

Westin Perez is a graduate from De La Salle University under their Industrial Engineering program. Prior to that, he had served as an editor for the university’s official student publication, The LaSallian.

Marvic Dan is the typical hard working college student. He watches anime casually, reads manga, and loves playing computer games. His favorite show is Sword Art Online, and because of that, he plans to contribute to the development of virtual reality after he finishes his Computer Engineering degree in the future. He joined Anime Corner because of his love and passion for anime.

Haruki Francis is an aspiring game developer and 3D artist. He may not look like it, but this young lad aims to build a limitless world of fantasy and life-changing games. With that in mind, he’s also a master who’s willing to guide anyone who’s confused with the wide universe of Fate!


Ken Pueyo is in charge of Anime Corner’s seiyuu and idol content. He is currently enrolled at Central Philippine University, where he is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in English Language Studies. Since 2016, he has been a fan of Japanese voice actors and idols. His preferred anime genre is slice of life, specifically the moe and idol subgenres, and he believes that short-haired girls are the most attractive.

Sean Abasta is Anime Corner’s head of talent management and co-administrator of our Discord server. He is currently pursuing a degree in Information Systems at the University of Santo Tomas while working as a content quality assurance specialist for JustWatch during the day. He is responsible for assisting Tsukimi Lune’s rapid growth and laying the groundwork for future talent under our brand. He enjoys playing Apex Legends indefinitely, binge-watching Netflix, connecting with VTubers, and spending his weekends on VRChat.

Kelly Lu is the Anime Corner’s Head of Social Media and is currently pursuing a degree in Marketing and Communications at Webster University. She has been a member of Anime Corner for over five years and hopes to provide insightful commentary to the site’s growing audience. She is a sucker for anything psychological, terrifying, or Sanrio.

Zeerak Ahmad is the lead Software Developer at Anime Corner. He has been successful in leveraging his computer skills to build a solid IT infrastructure that supports our websites, as well as multiple databases and internal tools. He is particularly fond of fluffy manga and psychological anime, but he is also open to other genres.

Marlo Barcellano founded Anime Corner in 2012 to provide Japanese news and media content to fans. With a clear vision for the project, he began by establishing a global presence on Facebook and then focusing on the regional community in the Philippines, which accounted for the majority of our fans. He’s grown older, but he remains active in Anime Corner activities by managing our branding, community projects such as Discord, and serving as the manager for Project Lune.