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Voting Period

The voting period for “Anime of the Week” polls starts on Friday at 10:00 a.m. UTC+0 and ends exactly seven days later.

The results are revealed about three hours later, and they are mostly based on episodes that aired during that time period.

That means that if an episode airs just a few hours before the poll closes, it will almost certainly affect the next week’s rankings.

The results are first published on our website in the “Rankings” category. We post them to our social media profiles as soon as they go live.

How Anime Corner Rankings Are Calculated

We treat each person’s vote as a single entry, calculate the score at the end, and publish the total number of people who participated.

Instead of relying solely on the number of votes cast, we always calculate a show’s percentage each week and include it in the results.

We have done our best to eliminate spam and data duplication by recording each user’s IP address and allowing only one vote per option for a specific poll via that address to ensure data integrity.

In other words, if you attempt to re-vote for a poll option while browsing incognito, your vote will be discarded. If you haven’t already done so, you can always return to vote in a poll as long as it’s open.

Votes for the weekly polls are always limited to that week. However, for ‘Anime of the Season,’ we use a special formula to determine the rankings.

AOTS Formula: It’s a weighted ranking, with data from our final poll receiving 55% of the weight in the score ranking and data from our weekly polls receiving the remaining 45%. Using various methods, the 45 percent weight is distributed across the total number of weeks, resulting in multiple data sets that are then combined into an average.

We chose this method to produce a more balanced result.We want to show what our fans liked in a season as accurately as possible because we have so many followers. We are constantly looking for ways to improve it and welcome any feedback or suggestions.

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How it Started

Anime Corner officially started conducting polls in the Summer 2020 anime season. We wanted to help fans know what’s currently trending, and the way we decided to achieve that is by letting them vote for seasonal shows and presenting results every week.

We are aware that it is not an objective ranking, but it shows what most of our fans are enjoying and can help other fans choose a new show.

Due to some internal issues, our project for launching a custom system for polls was delayed and we were forced to host them externally for the first few weeks of Summer 2020. As soon as our project was complete, we redirected to our own systems for storing results.

At the beginning of Summer 2020, as we were relying on third-party software, the voting process was seemingly abused by fans to duplicate or spam votes for a certain show.

After hearing community feedback regarding the polls, our IT team focused on completing a custom system that gave us complete access to the data, which further assisted us in improving our polls.

Custom-Built System

Third-party software provided users with limited options and were often prone to abuse.

Our private system enables us to address issues such as spam detection and vote duplication. Each user’s vote in a poll is limited by their IP address. It means that each option in a poll can only receive one vote per IP address.

If the poll allows multiple choices, the user can return at a later time to vote for another option. If he attempts to re-vote for the same option, his vote will be discarded at the back end.