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2.5 Dimensional Seduction to Stream On HIDIVE With Early Anime Expo Premiere

The highly anticipated adaptation of Yu Hashimoto’s 2.5 Dimensional Seduction will stream on HIDIVE with an early premiere of episode 1 at Anime Expo 2024 on July 4. Adapted from the 19-volume-long shonen manga of the same name, the romantic comedy anime will be directed by Hideki Okamoto and Takao Yoshioka, with production by J.C. Staff. The anime will have a regular premiere on July 5.

Kaori Maeda, Akari Kito, and Junya Enoki are leading the cast as Ririsa Amano, Mikari Tachibana, and Masamune Okumura. Theme songs include “Shutter Chance” by Meychan as the opening and “Watch Me” by Kito and Maeda as the ending.

“I have no interest in real girls!” proudly declares Masamune Okumura, the school’s manga club’s president. While that may be a sentiment shared by weebs the world over, for Masamune, a die-hard otaku, his words carry weight as he’s head-over-heels obsessed with a manga character named Liliel. But the only absolutes in life are death and change, and as the manga club gains a new member, Masamune is in for the surprise of a lifetime. Not only is Ririsa Amano an avid cosplayer, but her favorite character is none other than Liliel. As Ririsa convinces Masamune to be her photographer, he soon realizes she’s into modeling the risque stuff. And as the lines that separate 2D and 3D blur, a nose-bleed-inducing romantic comedy blooms.

2.5 Dimensional Seduction – Trailer

Be sure to be there when this tale of 2.5-dimensional love reaches American shores. HIDIVE will premiere the first episode on Thursday, July 4, at the annual Anime Expo in Los Angeles, California, where it will be screened at the Level 2 Concourse (403AB) at the Los Angeles Convention Center from 9:00-9:50 PM Pacific Time.

And they’re rolling out the red carpet for the premier as John Ledford (HIDIVE’s president) has this to say:: “We’re pleased to announce the addition of 2.5 Dimensional Seduction as the newest exclusive series to join HIDIVE’s simulcast line-up this summer… Cosplay is synonymous with anime, and fans will now have a chance to celebrate it with this sure-to-please new rom-com drama.”

As a subsidiary of the AMC Network, HIDIVE offers a diverse range of anime content, including English subtitles and dubs, seasonal simulcasts, uncensored shows, OVAs, and movies. Available in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand, the platform is home to a variety of popular shows, such as this season’s Whisper Me A Love Song and Jellyfish Don’t Swim At Night, as well as past favorites like Shirobako, Gushing Over Magical Girls, and Non Non Biyori.

Source: HIDIVE Press Release
© Yu Hashimoto / Shueisha, Lilysa Production Committee

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