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29-Year-Old Man Arrested for Taking in a High School Girl

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Yahoo! News Japan reported that a 29-year-old lawyer got arrested for taking in a high school girl. Apparently, he met the girl on social media and offered to take her in. She was a student at a Saitama Prefecture school, while the suspect was a Tokyo resident.

Takeharu Komiya, a 29-year-old lawyer, contacted the high school girl via social media after she posted that she wanted to escape from home. “I would be happy if you considered me as an option to stay when you ran away from home” – that’s the message Komiya sent to the girl. She was at his place for four days, from June 13 until June 17.

The Japanese police also stated that the student’s mother reported the alleged kidnapping after the girl didn’t arrive home on the day she ran away. After a while police found the student at Komiya’s place and arrested him. After that, Takeharu Komiya admitted the charges. The authorities are now looking into what prompted the girl to make such a decision.

taking in a high school girl - higehiro

The whole situation sounds a bit like “Higehiro“, an anime that’s currently, as of the moment of writing, airing in the Spring 2021 season. The main protagonist Yoshida, who is working as a salaryman, also takes in a high school girl after she ran away from home for certain reasons. As you can see, taking in a high school girl isn’t always a good decision.

Source: Yahoo! News Japan
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