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Adorable Anya Figure Is the Gem of Spy x Family Ichiban Kuji Lottery Box

SPY x FAMILY series now has its very Ichiban Kuji lottery box and the gem of the collection is an adorable Anya figure. The Ichiban Kuji lottery is a Japanese gacha-like system, in which fans are able to buy a specific box to try and get the item they want. Each box has a piece of merchandise, and in Spy x Family’s case the items vary from small plates, rubber keychains, and shikishi (special painting paper) to A3 printed illustrations, plushies, and the Anya figure.

Image via Famitsu

The Anya figure features not only the adorable Spy x Family character but also serves as a block calendar. The whole set is around 15cm in size:

The SPY x FAMILY Ichiban Kuji lottery box costs 700 JPY (around 5.40 USD). Additional information, as well as the stores that sell it, can be found on the Ban Prestonavi website. Shipping begins on May 16. A single person can buy 10 at a time.

About Spy x Family

SPY x FAMILY anime premiered earlier this month. WIT Studio and CloverWorks are animating the adaptation of Tatsuya Endo’s manga, which follows a spy who is forced to create a fake family in order to fulfill a mission he was given. He manages to find suitable candidates, but as it turns out the daughter is a telepath and the wife is an assassin. The unusual trio has to navigate challenges while keeping their secrets from everyone, each other included.

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Source: BPNavi Website
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