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Akari Kitou New Single and Cover Release

On October 28, Akari Kitou will release her 3rd single called “Kimi no Tonari de” (Beside You). In addition, the said single will be the ending for the series Adachi and Shimamura which Akari also plays a role in. The series is slated to premiere on October 8, 2020. You can check out the single and covers below.

Kimi no Tonari de shichou ver.
Limited Edition cover of Kimi no Tonari de
Normal Edition cover of Kimi no Tonari de
Anime Edition cover of Kimi no Tonari de

Furthermore, the song “Dive to World,” is also part of the single who is written and composed by Saku. Additionally, this is the first time that Saku arranged a song for Akarin since Tiny Light (Hanaka-kun Ed). Unlike Tiny Light, the Dive to World has a more rocky feel to it which a lot of Akari fans really love. Below, you can listen to the preview of Dive to World.

Dive to World shichou ver.

It’s only been a year since Akari Kitou debuted as a solo singer and released her first single, “Swinging Heart”. Now, she’s releasing her 3rd single and having a live tour “Colorful Closet” this year. Also last June, she released her first album entitled, “Style”. Her fans will surely enjoy both singles as they show her prowess in singing and her growth as a solo artist. Surely, we can’t wait for more of her works as a voice actress and a singer in the coming future.

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