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Alice Gear Aegis Expansion Anime Releases Creditless Opening

The upcoming Alice Gear Aegis Expansion anime has released a creditless version of its opening theme sequence. The opening theme song is titled “Dash and Go!” performed by Aina Suzuki. Studio Nomad is animating the series, under the direction of Hirokazu Hanai. The anime will premiere on April 3.

Alice Gear Aegis Expansion anime – Creditless Opening

Kenji Sugihara is doing the series composition, while Kanetake Ebikawa, Fumikane Shimada, Takayuki Yanase, and Rikiya Okano serve as character designers. Some of the cast members include:

  • Maaya Uchida as Shitara Kaneshiya
  • Manami Numakura as Yotsuyu Hirasaka
  • Yui Ishikawa as Fumika Momoshina
  • Akari Kito as Yasuri Araime
  • Ari Ozawa as Ayaka Ichijo
  • Atsumi Tanezaki as Sugumi Kanagata
  • Chika Anzai as Kaede Agatsuma
  • Chitose Morinaga as Mari Jinguji
  • Eriko Matsui as Yumi Yotsuya
  • Hazuki Ogino as Shimon Hokuraku
  • Hitomi Ohwada as Raiya Kaeruzaka
  • Houchu Ohtsuka as Soichiro Iwata
  • Junichi Yanagita as Aruto Suzuki
Alice Gear Aegis Expansion anime – Key Visual

Alice Gear Aegis Expansion anime is based on a mobile game developed by Pyramid and published by Colopl. It was first released in January 2018, then got a console release by game developer Mages in September 2022 for Japan, then this March globally. The game franchise had an original video animation series back in 2021 titled Alice Gear Aegis: Doki! Actress Darake no Mermaid Grand Prix. Nomad also animated said series, under the direction of Hanai as well, with a script by Masahiro Okubo.

HIDIVE is streaming the anime outside of Japan, describing the plot as:
Centuries ago, mankind abandoned planet Earth after the Vice, a race of mechanical aliens, drove them from their home into a life adrift in space. Now resigned to starships forged of pieces of Earth’s shattered moon, the final hope for humanity lies in the hands of Actresses, young women born with the ability to wield the only weapons that can harm the Vice: Alice Gears, mechanical suits that can finally turn the tide against the alien incursion.

Source: Official Twitter
©Pyramid Inc./Narikozaka Manufacturing

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