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Arifureta Season 3 Announced, Teaser Visual and Video Released

The anime Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest is officially receiving a season 3. Studio Asread will be animating. The announcement was made during the advanced screening event of the Arifureta Season 2‘s OVA at Shinjuku Piccadilly, in Tokyo, Japan. A teaser visual for the announcement has been released.

Arifureta Season 3 teaser visual

A teaser video is also available and it reveals the faces of the people who are behind Yue and Hajime in the teaser visual. It also features the Haltina Woods, the hometown of Shea, the land of the rabbit people, which appeared in the first season of the anime.

Arifureta Season 3 announcement teaser video

Kinji Yoshimoto directed the first season of Arifureta at studios Asread and White Fox in the Summer 2019 anime season. Two OVAs also aired in December of the same year and February 2020. In Winter 2022 anime season, the second season aired. Studios Asread and Mother animated it with Akira Iwanaga as the director. An OVA for season 2 has also been announced, and it will be released on September 25, 2022. You can watch the entire series on Crunchyroll.

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The anime is based on Ryo Shirakome’s Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest (Arifureta Shokugyo de Sekai Saikyo) light novel series. Overlap is publishing it since June 2015 with Takayaki’s illustrations, and it currently has 12 volumes available. The same publisher is also serializing a manga adaptation by RoGa on Comic Gardo. since December 2016, and as of now, it has 9 volumes in circulation. J-Novel Club licensed the series in English, with Seven Seas Entertainment publishing it in print through the Airship light novel imprint. The third season will start with Volume 7 and you can read the synopsis below:

With the battle at the capital settled, Hajime’s next destination is the Empire. Together with Liliana and Kouki, he takes to the skies with his newly built airship—only to discover that the Haulia have been fighting against both the empire and the demons, and that Verbergen has been sacked. Suddenly, Hajime has a new reason to head to Hoelscher’s capital!

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© Ryo Shirakome, OVERLAP/ARIFURETA Project

Edited on September 11 to clarify the licensing information.

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