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Attack on Titan The Final Season Still On Track To Premiere In 2020

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In the latest update for works that will be aired in Fall this year, the official Twitter account of Animate Times included the hashtag #shingeki (Attack on Titan).

There has been no clear confirmation on the final season’s release date. However, it can also be found on MAPPA’s offical site under the ‘2020’ section.

Image from MAPPA website, includes Attack on TItan in the list for 2020 works
Image via MAPPA’s Website

The studio is in charge of the currently airing The God of High School and Koi to Producer. Moreover, they also have Jujutsu Kaisen confirmed for October 2020. The number of employees listed on their website is 200, and it is possible that they can handle 2 shows again next season.

Additionally, music producer Yamamoto Kohta tweeted 2 days ago that August 4 was the last day of music recording for the final season. He also posted some images from the scene and confirmed that Hiroyuki Sawano was assisting him.

Note that these could still get updated and it’s not sure until there is a confirmation from the official Attack on Titan social media accounts. As we wait for that, we can only hope that MAPPA will live up to the expectations. Surely they can deliver quality for the AoT finale whenever it airs.

We’ll keep you updated on any new developments! 🤗

[Sources: MAPPA, Animate Times]

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