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Burn the House Down Manga Gets Live-Action Series Adaptation

Moyashi Fujisawa’s Burn the House Down manga is getting a live-action series adaptation by Netflix. The series will star Mei Nagano and Kyoka Suzuki, who are playing Anzu Murata and Makiko Mitarai respectively. Burn Down the House adaptation is set to air in 2023.

Netflix teases the plot of the Japanese series as:
The home of the wealthy Mitarai family, which has run a hospital for generations, was burned to the ground in an unfortunate fire. Thirteen years later, housekeeper Anzu Murata heads to the home of her new client, the Mitarais. There, she is greeted by the beautiful and impeccable second wife of Mrs. Mitarai, Makiko. Anzu is hired and begins working at the house, but she has a certain purpose for infiltrating the Mitarai home…

The thriller manga originally ran from 2017 to 2021 in Kodansha’s Kiss magazine. It has a total of 39 chapters, compiled into 8 volumes. Kodansha US is publishing the manga in English. Two volumes are out, with the third set for the August 23 release. Kodansha describes the plot as:
Shizuka Yamauchi, 25, housekeeper. Makiko Mitarai, 46, amateur model and perfect housewife. Though strangers on the outside, the two share a past—one Shizuka feels she needs to set right, to bring her mother justice. But Makiko has secrets of her own, and Shizuka will need to tread carefully if she’s to get to the bottom of it all without getting burned.

Source: Netflix
© Moyashi Fujisawa/Kodansha

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