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Chained Soldier Anime Releases Character Visuals for Himari, Nei and Shushu

The upcoming Chained Soldier anime adaptation has released character visuals for Himari Azuma, Nei Okawamura, and Shushu Suruga. The series will premiere in 2023. You can check out the new visuals below:

Yume Miyamoto will be voicing Himara Azuma. Hina Tachibana is Nei Okawamura, while Shushu Suruga will be voiced by Mari Hino. Character visuals for the protagonist of Chained Soldier, Yuki Wakura (Yuya Hirose), and the main heroine, Kyouka Uzen (Akari Kito) were released on July 30, 2022. Other announced characters of the series that still don’t have character designs are Sahara Wakasa (Reina Ueda), Yachiho Azuma (Nene Hieda), and Tenka Izumo (Maaya Uchida).

Studio Seven Arcs is animating the anime with Goro Kuji as the director, and Junji Nishimura as the chief director. Ryota Kano and Akira Kindaichi are in charge of the scripts and Yasuhiro Nakanishi is working on the series composition. Hiroyuki Yoshii is making the character designs while Kaoru Nishimura is doing the coloring. You can watch the teaser announcement for the anime below:

Chained Soldier anime announcement trailer

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Chained Soldier (Mato Seihei no Slave) is a Japanese manga series by Takahiro, who is also famous for creating Akame Ga Kill!. Shueisha has been serializing it with Yohei Takemura as the illustrator on Shonen Jump+ since 2019, and it currently has 10 volumes available. Yen Press is publishing the manga series in English:

Decades ago, gates to an otherworldly and dangerous dimension known as Mato—the “Demon City”—appeared across Japan. Those who partook in the “peaches” growing there gained unique abilities—but only if they’re girls. When down-in-the-dumps high school boy Yuuki Wakura finds himself caught up in a gate, he’s saved by Kyouka Uzen, the beautiful commander of the 7th squad of the Demon Defense Force, who…orders him to become her slave?!

Chained Soldier – Anime Visual

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