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Chisato and Takina Encapsulate Summer Festival Nights as the New Luminasta x Lycoris Recoil Figures

To say Lycoris Recoil was a hit is an understatement. To say that the upcoming Luminasta x Lycoris Recoil figures will be fan favorites is also an understatement. Featuring our favorite state-sponsored assassins, these 19cm Sega Luminasta figures, which are expected to ship in the first quarter of 2025, are a sight to behold, and best of all they only cost $27 each. And let us tell you why you should buy them.

It’s summer, and the nights are long. It’s hot, but the temperature is far from stifling. As you hear the rustling of the trees around you and you feel the breeze on your face, it’s cooling. Around you, people saunter about, smiles on their faces, joyful conversations, and boisterous laughs seem to be the theme of the night. The smell of food wafts towards you whenever the wind blows, and with it, an intricate mix of sweet and pungent smells finds its way into your very soul.

The lights that stretch before you seem to shimmer like stars. The music around you is so all-encompassing that you feel its vibrations but they pale in comparison to the fluttering in your chest. Your eyes are locked on the girl in front of you. She’s beautiful, her hair flutters with the win, and the lights ahead of her seem to form a halo around her, making her seem even more alluring. She smiles at you as she fans herself. It’s not a moment that takes your breath away. Instead, it’s one of those rare moments that reminds you to keep breathing.

It’s a moment many people already had. In fact, many people around you are having a moment just like it. But, for you, it’s a moment that no one else will ever understand because what you feel right now can’t be put into words. To call the feeling swelling in you “love” would be an insult, for that word can’t describe what you feel about the person in front of you. And as the raven-haired beauty in front of you turns back, her black koi-laced yukata hugging her. She calls your name and takes your hand as you move through the crowd. Her grip is tight, and her hands are soft. And as you move, all the sound and lights around you seem to fade, and your vision tunnels. You think to yourself, “This, this is how life is supposed to be.”

But you’re not Chisato, so being at a festival with Takina is a pipe dream. The chances of you getting that are about the same as me getting a swordfish on a popper. Yeah, there’s a chance it can happen. However, the chances of me being placed in the ground before that happens are a far safer bet. I can’t do anything more to make my dream come true. But, with the Luminasta x Lycoris Recoil “Going out in a Yukata” figure, you can at least come closer to that unattainable dream.

Plus, once you buy any of the new Luminasta x Lycoris Recoil “Going out in a Yukata” figures, you can take your favorite girl on a date. Once you’re on it, you can take pictures with her. Then, you can upload those pictures to your favorite social media site and tag them with #GCSfiguresIRL. And, maybe you’ll touch the hearts of the people over at Good Smile, and they’ll feature your picture on their website. Don’t forget that up until May 12, all purchases over $75 get you a free Koinobori pin!

Source: Offical Good Smile Website, Takina, Chisato
© Spider Lily / Aniplex / ABC Animation / BS11

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