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Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Releases Preview Trailer Images for Episode 11

Classroom of the Elite Season 2 released a preview trailer and images for episode 11 along with the title and synopsis. The eleventh episode is scheduled to air on September 12. The title is a quote from “Zahme Xenien (Tame Xenia)” by German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: “Wer sich nicht selbst befiehlt, bleibt immer Knecht,” which translates into “A man who cannot command himself will always be a slave.

The newly released preview images for the eleventh episode show not only Class-D students, but also Class-C and Class-A students: Kiyotaka Ayanokoji, Suzune Horikita, Kei Karuizawa, Rokusuke Koenji, Kakeru Ryuen, and Arisu Sakayanagi.

The anime depicted in the previous episode Kiyotaka Ayanokoji’s contact with his father, and the termination of his and Kei Karuizawa’s relationship. The synopsis describes the next episode as follows:
Ayanokoji’s abrupt dissolution of his ties with Karuizawa leaves her nervous for which she will ultimately have no connection with him. In this situation, Class-C students led by Ryuen oppressively appear when Class-D students discuss their future direction.

The light novel’s author Shogo Kinugasa is writing the scripts for the anime’s weekly preview trailers, and this week’s video features three teachers: “Oh, Mashima-kun, did you slim down a bit?” Class-B’s teacher Chie Hoshinomiya begins this week’s trailer. “Nah. I rather gained a little weight,” Class-A’s Mashima replies. She tells him that he looks fitter than he was at the desert island’s exam, and Class-D’s Chabashira adds that he seems to have built muscle since then. The male teacher accepts their comments and reveals he has frequently been training at the gym recently. Class-B’s teacher describes his chest hard as an iron board and that he should be all right if students punch him. “I’m not training to receive punches,” the muscular man points out. After Class-D’s teacher delivers the episode title, Hoshinomiya’s cheerful suggestion comes: “Since we’re done with today’s work, let’s drink together all through the night to the morning!” “Seems like I’m getting troubling after-hours work today…” Mashima says, “I want to go home,” Chabashira adds.

Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Episode 11 Preview Trailer

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Shogo Kinugasa writes Classroom of the Elite light novel series with art by Shunsaku Tomose. The novel currently consists of two parts, Year 1 and Year 2. Classroom of the Elite Season 2 is covering Year 1. Studio Lerche is animating.

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