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COVID-19 Vaccination Center Closed To Host Anime Event

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According to a news report, a vaccination center in Placer Valley in Northern California closed for two days from April 2, 2021 to host an anime event.

Apparently, during those two days, an anime convention, SacAnime, want to hold a “swap meet” at the same location. SacAnime on Twitter says that the clinic “never had plans to be open” on April 1-2.

What’s more, the clinic extended its working hours from March 29 until March 31 to compensate for the days it will be closed.

Vaccination Center Closed Anime - SacAnime graphic for the event
Graphic promoting the event

The news alone was enough to spark controversy on Twitter with people voicing their opinions on SacAnime’s move. As the pandemic progresses, people are angry that the vaccination center closed to hold an anime event. Also, you can read some of those Tweets below:

In its defense, SacAnime says that the clinic declined SacAnime’s offer to restrict its swap meet’s space to accommodate vaccinations during the aforementioned dates. The event’s website also shared statements from the local health department as well as the venue.

Previously, SacAnime already had to cancel its regular Summer 2020 and Winter 2021 events due to the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Instead of those, SacAnime held an outdoor swap meet at the same place on September 27.

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Source: Sacramento Bee via Anime News Network

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