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Create Anime Tier Lists and Top Ten Rankings

Anime Corner is excited to announce that it has added a new polls website feature that allows you to create your own anime tier list and top rankings for your favorites.

Since summer 2020, we’ve been running anime polls and sharing community rankings for the top ten anime on a weekly basis. We’ve also been paying close attention to community feedback in order to actively improve the website through upgrades that improve user experience and combat potential spam.

Although it’s exciting to look through the rankings chosen by the community, these may not always reflect your taste in anime, and as a result, we frequently see people highlighting how certain shows never make the list. The new feature now allows you to “do it yourself” and share your preferences with others on social media, which could be either to share recommendations or get opinions on your taste in anime.

Screenshot: Seasonal 2022 template for top ten rankings via Anime Corner Polls

The rankings and tier list creation tool is extremely simple to use. If you haven’t done it already, all you need to do it head to the Anime Corner Polls page, click on “Create” in the navbar, and choose a template. After that, simply drag and drop the options onto the template. When you’re finished, enter your name into the template and click the “Download” button to save it to your device. If you do not type in the name, the generated file will be saved under a default name.

Example: Summer 2022 Anime Tier List created via Anime Corner Polls

We’ve made the website mobile and desktop friendly; however, if you’re using external plugins that forcefully change the look of the web page (dark mode, fonts changer, etc.), you may notice some changes in the template like visual glitches.

We’d like to thank everyone for actively participating in our community and providing feedback. If you have any trouble using this new feature, please feel free to contact us.

Featured image:
Lycoris Recoil © Spider Lily / Aniplex / ABC Animation / BS11

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