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Date a Live V (Season 5) Reveals Teaser Trailer, 2024 Premiere, and Mio Takamiya's Voice Actress

Date a Live V (Season 5) has revealed a teaser trailer featuring the cast of the series. The anime will return in 2024. The information was announced during the Fantasia Bunko Big Thanks Online 2023 event, which was held on October 14, 2023. Nobunaga Shimazaki, Marina Inoue, Ayana Taketatsu, and Minori Chihara attended the Date a Live panel.

Date a Live V Teaser Trailer

Nobunaga Shimazaki is returning to the series to voice the protagonist, Shido Itsuka. Maria Inoue (Tohka Yatogami), Iori Nomizu (Yoshino Hamekawa), Misuzu Togashi (Origami Tobiichi), Asami Sanada (Kurumi Tokisaki), Ayana Taketatsu (Kotori Itsuka), Minori Chihara (Miku Izayoi), Ayumi Mano (Natsumi Kyouno), Sarah Emi Bricutt (Yuzuru Yamai), Maaya Uchida (Kaguya Yamai), Hitomi Nabatame (Nia Honjou), and Akari Kageyama (Mukuro Hoshimiya) are reprising their roles as the spirits.

Takehito Koyasu (Kyouhei Kannazuki), Ao Takahashi (Ryouko Kusakabe), and Misato (Mana Takamiya) are also back to voice the supporting characters. Ryoutarou Okiayu (Isaac Wescott), Shizuka Ito (Ellen Mathers), Yumiri Hanamori (Nibelcole), and Eriko Matsui (Artemisia Ashcroft) are also reprising their roles as the antagonists. Aya Endou has been lending her voice to Reine Murasame, who helped Shido and the others a lot since the first season. However, she became the biggest plot twist of the series at the end of Date a Live IV, because it was revealed that her true identity is Phantom, a major antagonist in the series that was introduced in season 3. It was also announced that Aya Endou will be the voice of the main antagonist and the Spirit of Origin, Mio Takamiya.

Mio Takamiya (C.V. Aya Endo)

One of our writers, Bushido Samurai provided the synopsis from the image’s texts:
The name is Mio Takamiya. Aya Endo is voicing her. She is the beauty beyond human and mysterious to overpower other spirits. She has been involved with Shido in the distant past which he has lost.

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Date a Live premiered in 2013 under studio AIC+. Production IMS animated the second season in 2014, and it was followed by an anime film titled Date a Live: Mayuri Judgment in 2015. J.C. Staff animated season 3 in 2019, which marked the return of the franchise after 4 years. Keitaro Motonaga directed all of it.

Studio GEEKTOYS animated 2 spin-off movies titled Date a Live: Dead or Bullet, and Date a Live: Nightmare or Queen in 2020. The same studio worked on season 4 in 2022, and Jun Nakagawa directed all of it. The same staff are also the ones working in season 5. You can watch the entire series on Crunchyroll.

Date a Live is a Japanese light novel series by Koshi Tachibana. Fujimi Shobo serialized it with Tsunako’s illustrations from 2011 to 2020, and it has a total of 22 volumes available. Yen Press is publishing the light novel in English and describes the plot as:

April 10. The first day of school. Shido Itsuka is rudely awoken by his personal alarm clock—his little sister. It’s shaping up to be another typical day…well, as typical as it gets on a planet plagued by massive spatial quakes. Little does Shido know, however, his life is about to take a sudden turn when he encounters the source of this destructive phenomenon—a girl his age, apparently known as a Spirit. Turns out, there are only two ways he can stop her from unleashing hell on the world: Eliminate her by force or placate her…by taking her out on a date and making her fall in love with him!

Source: Fantasia Bunko Stream and Official Website
© Koshi Tachibana, Tsunako / KADOKAWA / “Date A Live V” Production Committee

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