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Days With My Stepsister Anime Reveals July 2024 Premiere and Main Character Designs

The previously announced Days With My Stepsister anime will premiere this July, as announced with the details on the main character designs. Studio DEEN is animating the series.

Designs for the main characters Yuta Asamura (CV: Kohei Amasaki) and Saki Ayase (CV: Yuki Nakashima) can be seen above. Other cast members include Minori Suzuki as Shiori Yomiuri, Ayu Suzuki as Maaya Sakamoto, and Daiki Hamano as Tomokazu Maru.

Days With My Stepsister (Gimai Seikatsu) is a mixed-media project that first started with a YouTube channel in 2020 that shared short videos about the characters. A light novel series by Ghost Mikawa and illustrated by Hiten began publication by Media Factory under their MF Bunko J imprint in January 2021. A manga adaptation with illustrations by Yumika Kanade has been ongoing under Shonen Ace Plus since July 2021.

Yen Press has licensed the light novel in English, and has two volumes currently out. Volume 1 is described as:
When his father remarries, Yuuta Asamura winds up sharing a roof with a brand-new stepsister, who is also the hottest girl in his grade! But Yuuta and his new sister, Saki Ayase, have no delusions—they both carry trauma from their parents’ difficult divorces, and they agree to keep a respectful distance. As it turns out, however, the two have a lot in common, and slowly, cautiously, they grow closer. But is the emotion blooming between them simple admiration, familial love, or something more?

In a recent interview with Anime Corner, Mikawa explained that Days With My Stepsister revolves around the theme of love and social interaction between men and women, especially observing how there are many late marriages and domestic problems that are evident in today’s society.

Looking at Japan’s social networking sites, we can see that there are many conflicts between men and women, and even outside of the Internet, we can see that society as a whole is suffering from late marriages and domestic problems, and that many individuals are suffocating from problems in love and social interaction. The idea was to depict two ideal people who can overcome such relationship problems firmly and powerfully.

Ghost Mikawa, author of Days With My Stepsister

Source: Official X (Twitter)
©Ghost Mikawa, MF Bunko/Kadokawa

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