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'Deep Insanity: The Lost Child' Reveals New Trailer, Key Visual, More

The upcoming Fall anime, Deep Insanity: The Lost Child, released its first official trailer on Friday via the official KADOKAWA Anime Youtube channel. A new key visual was also revealed, along with a release date – October 12, 2021.

You can check out the trailer and key visual below

The series will be animated by SILVER LINK, the studio most recently known for its work on series like Jahy-sama, Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World, and My Next Life as a Villainess. SILVER LINK isn’t necessarily known for adapting sci-fi anime, unlike other studios such as Sunrise or Satelight who thrive off of it.

The studio does have a few sci-fi series such as Chaos Child, Brave Witches, and Battle Girl High School. But Deep Insanity: The Lost Child looks to be their first full-fledged sci-fi series that dives into a completely different world.

The series will be SILVER LINK’s second original sci-fi series with Brave Witches being the first.

Staff and Cast

A couple of staff members definitely stand out among the Deep Insanity: The Lost Child staff. One is director Shin Oonuma, who also worked as the director for Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World. Another is Fumiyuki Go, who will be the sound director for the series. Go is most noticeably for his sound directing for series such as Deca-Dence and Rising of the Shield Hero. He will also be the sound director for a couple of other Fall 2021 anime such as World’s End Harem and Takt Op. Destiny.

The main character of the series, Shigure, will be voiced by none other than Hiro Shimono, who has voiced numerous big-time roles including Kurapika from Hunter x Hunter and Shino from Sword Art Online: Alicization. The amazing cast of the upcoming sci-fi original anime continues.

Ami Koshimizu, the voice of Ryuko from the hit series Kill La Kill, will voice the character of Vera. Kousuke Toriumi, who has an extensive line of work, most noticeably as Tanya from Saga of Tanya the Evil and Kiba from Naruto, will voice the character of Leslie. You can check out the rest of the phenomenal staff and cast here.

Fans can also check out the character designs from Deep Insanity: The Lost Child’s official Twitter below.

Synopsis From Official Site

Madness and unawakening sleep, Randolph syndrome. This new illness was slowly but steadily approaching humanity. The cause is the huge underground world, Asylum, that appeared in Antarctica. There are strange creatures different from the earth, and unknown resources. Due to huge wealth, organizational plots, or their own ambitions, people bet their lives on the depths of a mysterious new world. And here alone. A young man with a wish in his heart was trying to challenge the front line of Asylum.

Deep Insanity: The Lost Child will air on October 12, 2021. The manga is currently serialized while the upcoming game will be released on October 14, 2021.

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