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Doki Doki Literature Club Plus Is Now Free on Epic Games Store

Doki Doki Literature Club Plus is currently free on the Epic Games Store. The game originally dropped on June 30, 2021, and caught everyone by surprise. It was a great expansion to the pre-existing Doki Doki game, giving fans more clues and insight about what Team Salvato might do in the future. Starting on the 8th of February, 2024, you have a week to add DDLC Plus for free to your library on the platform.

Doki Doki Literature Club is a visual novel created by Team Salvato. It appealed to players with cute imagery and adorable characters. The biggest thing that let DDLC engrave its name in the community was the fact that the game is completely FREE. That’s right, the first Steam release from 2017 is a free game that turned out to be one of the best psychological horror experiences that Steam has to offer. The DLC option offered an expansion with more secrets to uncover – currently, it is priced at 15 EUR on Steam.

You can watch the trailer for the game below:

The official website describes Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! as:

Doki Doki Literature Club Plus is an expanded experience based on the original Doki Doki Literature Club, bringing more stories and exclusive content to the legendary horror story. Write your way to your crush’s heart and experience true terror as you get to know every member of the Literature Club, making careful choices to achieve the perfect ending.

Source: store.epicgames.com/pl/p/doki-doki-literature-club-plus
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