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Dr. Ramune -Mysterious Disease Specialist TV Anime Announced For 2021

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The TV anime of Aho Toro’s Dr. Ramune Mysterious Disease Specialist has been announced today, the anime will begin it’s broadcast on January 2021 while Platinum Vision will be in charge of the animation production. They also released the visual for the anime.

The official key visual


As long as hearts exist inside people, there will always be those who suffer.
When something “strange” enters their mind, a strange disease will manifest itself in their body.
The illness, which is called a “mystery disease” is unknown to most, but it certainly exists.
There is a doctor and an apprentice who can fight the disease, which modern medicine cannot cure. His name is Ramune.
He acts freely all the time, is foul-mouthed, and doesn’t even look like a doctor!
However, once he is confronted with the mysterious disease,
he is able to quickly uncover the root cause of his patients’ deep-seated distress and cure them.
(Source: Dr. Ramune Official Website)

Source: Dr. Ramune Official English Website
Thumbnail From: Dr. Ramune Official Twitter

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