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Dragon Ball Theme Park Creators Talk About the Project and Their Vision

Falcon’s Creative Group, the creators of the Dragon Ball Theme Park, have revealed a video talking about the giga project and their vision.

The theme park was announced at AnimeJapan 2024 in April. The ambitious project will cover 500,000 square meters and be a key part of the Qiddiya City in Saudi Arabia. When asked about what excites him most about the project, Robb Wilson (Vice President, Project Director) answered: “To push all the boundaries of theme park design.” He then added that they’re going to levels of immersion and technology never seen before, even in the world’s best theme parks. He also said he understand the responsibility coming with Dragon Ball. “There’s a burden of responsibility that we take really seriously. The fanbase is incredibly passionate. This art is sacred to the people that love Dragon Ball.”

Cecil D. Magpuri (CFO, Founder) was asked about what makes Falcon’s Creative Group right for the creators of the Dragon Ball theme park. He said it’s the fact they have real fans on their team, ones who know every nuance about the Dragon Ball IP. Continuing, he said they can delve deeper into the Dragon Ball, “not only to deliver to what fans may think they want, but go deeper and actually execute things that they may not even know they wanted.” He calls the franchise one of the most profound and epic IPs, adding that it’s very exciting to be able to have the opportunity to bring it to reality.

It’s not just about making something that looks cool. David Schaefer (CDO) explains “It’s in the infrastructure. It’s in the engineering, it’s in food and beverages and retail, in all aspects of this park.” They are keeping everything in mind as they build the project from the ground up. You can hear the entire discussion in the video on their website.

The theme park will feature seven different themed lands that recreate various iconic Dragon Ball sceneries, such as Kame House, Capsule Corporation, and Beerus’s Planet. It will have more than 30 themed rides, including 5 ‘groundbreaking’ attractions. Visitors will also have the option to stay in themed hotels and enjoy different cuisines inside towering landmarks.

The park’s signature ride will be the Shenron rollercoaster, which will be based on the iconic dragon from the series and be up to 70 meters tall.

Falcon Creative Group’s work can also be found at IMG Worlds of Adventure in Dubai (CircuMotion – “Hulk: Epsilon Base 3D”), the National Geographic Museum in Washington, DC (Falcon’s Vision – “Becoming Jane: The Evolution of Dr. Jane Goodall”) and at SeaWorld Orlando (Spheron Theater – “Turtle Trek”). They are also supporting the creative development of multiple entertainment experiences within Qiddiya City, including master planning the Qiddiya Water Theme Park, and supporting development for the world’s first Gaming and Esports district, also set to be part of the destination.

Source: Press release

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