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Dungeon Travelers' Steamy Adventures Are Coming to PC This Summer

Dungeon Travelers, the beloved dungeon crawling game rife with adventure and girls, is making the much-needed leap from the PlayStation Vita to PC, with all the quality of life improvements that one could ask for. The fine, and definitely cultured, developers at AQUAPLUS, and their publishers at Shiravune have put both Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library & the Monster Seal, and the sequel Dungeon Travelers 2-2: The Fallen Maidens & the Book of Beginnings, up for pre-order, and at a discount no less, for all the players who plan to delve into and plunder various dungeons for the riches therein.

These games aren’t set to release until this summer and they won’t be available on Steam, due to the platform’s reviewing process. Until then, we have a trailer and some high-quality screenshots to enjoy.

Dungeon Travelers Announcement Trailer

Dungeons & Monster Girls

The story behind Dungeon Travelers 2 & 2 – 2 is steeped in magic, demons, and a veritable holy maiden whose light shone down upon her kingdom. In those ancient times, the land became a battlefield between humans, gods, and demons.

The humans rose up under the banner of that holy maiden known as Vitoria, and struck out against the demons and their Demon God, who was more like a goddess, being a sexy girl and all, to great success. The victory was theirs, and peace for the humans was at long last a possibility. In the 395th year of the Era of the Gods, the master alchemist Siegdrad had created a method to more efficiently deal with the demons who remained, a way to seal demons into magical tomes called Sealbooks, and use their powers for good. Those who could perform this feat were known as Libras. Their power was so great that even the Demon God herself was sealed away. In Dungeon Travelers 2 – 2, a sort of “what if?” scenario, this seal isn’t quite perfect, and the Demon God remains a threat to the world.

Besides just looking pretty, this most beloved dungeon delving game provides deep combat and exploration mechanics. Characters level up, and skill points are granted that allow players to decide how to empower their units. Once characters get strong enough, they can even branch out into other classes, adding even more customization options for players who really want to see what their favorite character can do. There are more than a dozen characters with their own stories to tell, and if a player changes their mind about a build, there’s always a level reset option to start anew.

For those who want to be the very best, like no one ever was, they too can catch them all. Whenever the monster girls attack, there’s a chance to catch them in the Libra book to make use of them. If the catch fails, there’s no need to worry, they’ll respawn, so you can catch for favorite monster waifu with enough time and patience.

The graphics in these games have been upscaled to HD quality, and both the illustrations and the 3D dungeon settings and maps all look pristine. The dungeons appear in 3D, allowing players to immerse themselves in this world to navigate these places in a first-person perspective.

Dungeon Travelers Origins

Dungeon Travelers 2 first appeared back on the PlayStation Vita in March 28th, 2013. It was developed by Sting Entertainment, and directed by Tsutomu Washimi. It is a sequel to To Heart 2: Dungeon Travelers, which is a part of Leaf’s long-running and beloved To Heart 2 series.

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