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Galko-chan Author Kenya Suzuki Gets 3 Year Suspended Sentence, Will Not Appeal

Galko-chan author, Kenya Suzuki, has been sentenced to a year and 2 months in prison with a 3 year suspended sentence for possession of explicit materials involving children. The mangaka posted a statement on his official Twitter in which he states that he has no intention of filing an appeal and that the verdict will most likely be final.

Suzuki was arrested in December of 2021 and charged with violating custom laws and possessing child p.rnography. In the statement, he apologized and said that he will try to rehabilitate himself within society, as he was given a suspended sentence. Suzuki also apologizes to the fans, who were worried after he was initially reported missing, as well as to the manga industry as a whole. He states that he will not commit the same crime again and accepts responsibility, as the books he bought were not used for artistic references.

Kenya Suzuki’s best-known work is Please Tell Me! Galko-chan manga. The serialization has been suspended and at the moment there is no indication as to when it might continue. In his statement, the author promises to inform the readers when he has something to report.

KADOKAWA’S Comic Walker started serializing the manga in 2014. Although Suzuki also worked on multiple anthologies, such as Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro, Galko-chan is his only work to get an anime adaptation. Studio feel. animated the series, which aired in Winter 2016 season. The anime adaptation had 12 8-minute long episodes. A 28-minute long OVA focusing on a side-story also exists. Crunchyroll streamed the anime.

Seven Seas licensed the manga in English and describes the plot as:
Gyaruko-chan always speaks her mind, which may not be the wisest decision in all cases, but it’s never short of entertaining! Meet the exuberant and unbelievably busty high schooler, Gyaruko, as she traverses the ups and downs of adolescence with spirit and verve, alongside her best friends–the anti-social loner, Otako, and the unpredictably honest, Ojou.

Source: Kenya Suzuki’s Official Twitter
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