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Genshin Impact Soundtrack Now Available On Spotify And iTunes

Assuming you are here because you play it, you must have gotten used to the Genshin Impact soundtrack by now. Even if you ignore it as you do the 4 daily commissions, you still hear the main theme before you can play. Well, now you can listen to it on Spotify. Titled “City of Winds and Idylls”, it features 63 songs. You can check out the preview below:

And in case you didn’t hear about it yet; Genshin Impact is a new open world gacha video game that has recently taken the world by storm. You don’t really interact much with other players, but its sheer size is enough to keep you occupied for quite a while. The girls (waifus) you can pull are quite enticing, as well as many’s favorite Giorno- Diluc the fiery claymore user. There is also the adorable emergency food, Paimon, who is voiced by none other than Kaguya-sama’s voice actress Aoi Koga!

Anime Corner’s feature for Paimon/Aoi Koga

Besides the adorable and kind Aoi Koga, you can check out more of the voices you’d know from anime on our Facebook post. My personal favorite character might be influenced by his voice a bit, and it’s Razor (CV: Uchiyama Kouki)!

To go back to the soundtrack, you can now also find it on Apple Music/iTunes. Most of us finished all the quests days ago and are now just grinding/finishing daily tasks and exploring. The Genshin Impact soundtrack is another way to enjoy the game as we wait for a new update and content!

Source: Genshin Impact Twitter, Apple

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