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Genso Manège Coming to Steam and Nintendo Switch Worldwide

PQube announced that the otome visual novel game by MAGES./LOVE&ART, Genso Manège is coming worldwide in English on Steam and the Nintendo Switch. The game was originally released in Japan for the Nintendo Switch in January 2020 before getting a mobile game in October 2020.

Genso Manège – Announcement Trailer

The game follows the protagonist Emma, who tries to recover her lost memories and reawaken her magical powers. It includes six romance routes where players can get swept off their feet by one of the six male leads. Each of the male leads are voiced by famous Japanese voice actors Wataru Hatano (Idolish7‘s Gaku Yaotome), Yuuichirou Umehara (The Misfits of Demon Academy II Part 2’s Anos Voldigold), Hiro Shimono (Demon Slayer’s Zenitsu Agatsuma), Yuto Suzuki (Touken Ranbu’s Honebami Toushirou), Yusuke Shirai (Hypnosis Mic’s Ramuda Amemura), and Atsushi Abe (Idolish7’s Sougo Ousaka). 

  • A Magical Mini Game: Players can play a game mechanic called the Éveil System, here players can recover Emma’s magical powers.
  • A Thriving Town: Located near the French boarder, this culturally rich town sets the scenes for a magical adventure.
  • Dazzling Pastel World: Where each characters and artwork were painted expertly to give a dream-like feeling that focus on romance and magic.
  • An Unforgettable Tale: Where it as happy as it is bittersweet. A tale that gives a sweet and touching feeling, yet beneath that is a tinged of sadness.

PQube describe the game as:

Set in a wondrously evocative re-imaging of France, a beautifully crafted Otome visual novel following Emma, orphaned at a young age, as she fights to uncover her forgotten memories. A witch who lost her powers when young and now living a quiet life, Emma is led by the memento her father left her and finds herself swept away with the arrival of a travelling amusement park in town.

Working at the Rêve as she unravels the tangled threads of her forgotten past, Emma forges bonds with the employees of the amusement park. A cast of wonderful characters; the dazzling director Hugo, the stoic accountant Serge, the Tsundere Performer Criere, the kind-hearted rabbit Lyon, the Reclusive Mechanic Luciole, and Emma’s special childhood friend, Arnaud. Each character with their own crosses to bear, stories of tragedy and longing woven together with desperation, Emma builds deeping bonds of friendship, and maybe more, as she works to unlock her magic and their freedom.

With its gorgeously subdued artwork, radiating warmth and romance, Genso Manège, is a dream-like Otome fantasy with an outstanding visual power that conjures an unforgettably bittersweet tale.

PQube is a publisher based in the United Kingdom that focuses on localizing and publishing Japanese titles. They have localized and published titles such as BustaFellows, Konosuba – God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! Love for These Clothes’ of Desire, Doki Doki Literature Club, and more. 

Source: Press Release
© MAGES./LOVE&ART published by PQube Ltd.

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