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GPBT Kabuto Keycaps - Review

When it comes to customizing your PC setup there are multiple ways to do so. One of those are keycaps, and there is a lot to choose from. We got a chance to check out the new GPBT Kabuto – Japanese black-red themed keycaps compatible with most of the full-sized, TKL, or compact mechanical keyboards. For the purposes of the review, we used them on the Logitech G Pro X Shroud.

Product Description

Before jumping into the keycaps review, let’s get to the important stuff first. Glorious markets the GPBT Kabuto keycaps as the perfect to prep ahead of a Assassin’s Creed Shadows playthrough or to fill the Toranaga-shaped hole left in your heart after Shogun’s finale. Design features include:

  • Keycap set for both ANSI and ISO English with Japanese hiragana
  • A dual Chokuto enter key to slash into the next paragraph
  • 142-large army of high-quality PBT polymer keycaps with red accents
  • Dye-sublimation printing

The keycaps are limited to 1000 sets, each of them numbered. You can get one of those sets here, for US$59,99.

GPBT Kabuto Keycaps Review

When I got the package, I was pleasantly surprised by how it looked. It was clean and sealed with a sticker that told us which set out of a thousand existing ones we got (it was 122). The keycaps were extremely well-wrapped to prevent any potential damage and they came with a keycap remover.

The keys are very neatly designed. At first glance, you can tell that the print on them is high quality and PBT in general is quite durable and sturdy. As I mentioned before, they have a black-red theme with the addition of having hiragana symbols. Some keys have a red accent and special Shogun-themed design on them (katanas for Shift and four samurai helmets). Visually speaking, the Kabuto keycaps will be a perfect addition to your setup if you are into the black-red theme.

As for how the keycaps feel: they are very nice. Maybe it’s because I exchanged my old keycaps for brand-new ones, but the feeling is pretty slick and the print on them is high quality. To top it off, I find the sound the Kabuto keycaps make a little bit more pleasant than the original Logitech ones I previously had.

I have to admit I never owned a keyboard with hiragana on it so I was really happy to see them here. It makes typing in Japanese a little bit easier, especially if you are just starting out.

As for the negatives, those are purely based on my preferences. Kabuto keycaps do not have any transparent parts. It means that if you love RGB lighting on your keyboard, they will cover a bigger part of it than semi-see-through caps. I also am not a big fan of F1-F12 keys having no prints letting you know what they do with the combination of pressing them with the FN key. It might be troublesome for people who don’t remember what all function keys do.

Additionally, a small disclaimer, if you own a Logitech keyboard like me (I own a Logitech G Pro x Shroud keyboard), you won’t be able to use the spacebar and caps lock key from the set as Logitech has a different spacing between switches for those.


In my opinion, Kabuto Keycaps are worth every penny. Not only the quality is high, but the prints are very stylish. Sound-wise they are very pleasant and the fact that they are limited, the asking price is fair.

Anime Corner received a copy of GPBT Kabuto Keycaps in exchange for a review.

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