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Granblue Fantasy and Kimetsu no Yaiba Collaboration

Granblue Fantasy is a fantasy-themed media franchise that consists of games and anime. The Granblue Fantasy game, together with the Kimetsu no Yaiba series, decided to launch a collaboration event!

The gameplay of Granblue Fantasy game, according to Wikipedia, is as follows:

The game plays as a role-playing video game with turn-based battles. The game also contains summons and a class system that alters the main character’s move-set and growth. Characters gain levels and abilities by accruing experience; by collecting certain materials, some characters may earn an extra star (which called “FLB” or full limit break) summons and weapons equipped also confer characters with bonuses on attack power and HP. The characters themselves are gained either via quests (the main story quests or special event quests) or by using in-game currency to receive random crystal fragments, which may contain special weapons that add specific characters to the party.

Official Image For Granblue Fantasy x Kimetsu no Yaiba Collaboration

Granblue Fantasy collaboration with Kimetsu no Yaiba will mainly include new playable characters such as:

  • Tanjirou Kamado
  • Agatsuma Zenitsu
  • Hashibira Inosuke
  • Other characters from the Demon Killing Corps

What’s more, the event will begin in December, 2020!

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Source: Granblue Fantasy official Twitter account

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