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Hamefura S2 Episode 1: Same Old Katarina

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Hamefura S2 Episode 1 has now aired and the villainess-turned-harem queen Katarina Claes is back once again. Only this time, she doesn’t have to worry anymore about her doom flags. We see Katarina already in pure bliss and worry-free at the start of the episode.

Katarina being thankful
Katarina being thankful that she avoided all of her doom flags

The Council of Katarina

As previously mentioned, Katarina is still Katarina, therefore, the council full Katarina is also present and held a meeting. The council quickly recapped the events of the previous season. Although, it is not only what the events that happened to the villainess but also to the people around her. The meeting concluded with everyone in agreement that their time living in fear of doom flags is over, and it’s time for Katarina to live life to the fullest.

The council of Katarina
A council full of Katarina preparing to have a meeting

School Festival

Prince Geordo has now taken over the student council and they’re putting up a play for the school festival. Of course, everyone wanted Katarina to participate in it even though she’s not part of the council. Katarina answered the council vaguely however as she reminisces the time she used to act as a tree and a rock on plays from her past life. Although, she did agree to help everyone in the play behind the scenes in the end.

The student council preparing for the play

When she was done helping the student council, Katarina head towards the festival to do what she does best – eating. However, disappointment struck when she saw that there are no okonomiyaki and takoyaki at the festival. Luckily, a group of girls saved her by giving her a treat and went out to eat with her.

Katarina in the festival
Katarina eating in the festival

Then she meets with her stepbrother Keith and her friend Mary. While Katarina is eating again, both had an argument which led to Katarina overthink about both of them being a pair. Katarina heads to the theater after that scenario to meet the siblings Nicol and Sophia Ascart.

With both siblings being part of the play, Nicol has trouble with acting and her sister really wants to help him. Katarina agreed to help him with his problem without any hesitation. As they were practicing, Nicol’s charming good looks captivated Katarina which led the clumsy villainess to mess up her lines.

Katarina, Nicol and Sophia
Katarina helping Nicol to act

Old and New Encounters

After misunderstanding Keith and Mary and helping the Ascart siblings, Katarina continues to enjoy the festival. She then stumbled upon Maria, who is talking to someone. It was none other than the dark magic user Raphael. Due to their conversation, Maria decided to be part of the Department of Magic to be with Katarina always.

Mary, Katarina, and Raphel having a conversation
Mary, Katarina, and Raphel having a conversation

After that conversation, Katarina reunited with the girls she went out with initially. She also bought a brooch with the same color as her eyes to commemorate the festival. Lastly, she met up with Geordo and Alan who introduced her later on to their older brothers and their fiances. However, another problem arised which lead to Katarina acting on stage for the play.

Katarina acting as a villainess in the play
Katarina acting as a villainess in the play

The first episode of the series went to a great start. Seeing a worry-free Katarina sure is something new. Moreover, Katarina having fun at the festival and interacting with different types of people was satisfying. We also get a glimpse of the new characters in the story.

Overall, it was a sweet and refreshing episode and full of fun moments. It’s also really nice to see Katarina is still the same old Katarina, despite having all of her doom flags avoided.

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